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back to school survival kitIt’s hard to walk into any store right now without immediately thinking of back to school. It’s a cruel world we live in when you walk into Walgreens and you can already see the school supplies taking front and center, even before you see sunscreen! It’s still summer time of course, but we are reaching the last month that the K-12 crowd will be roaming the streets before they are back in school come September. 

I went to college to be a music teacher, so every year of my life from kindergarten on, September rolls around and I am thinking about school. Of course since I’ve been at home with kids it’s not necessarily on the forefront of my mind anymore since I’m not showing up to learn or showing up to teach at the moment…but that doesn’t mean I can’t get into the spirit! Back in the day I was a total school supply junkie. Sure, I could spend 10 cents each on notebooks and folders, but what I really want is the luxe patterns and fun pencil bags and supplies. To me, making learning fun is all in the accessories!

I remember the best part of getting ready for the school year in high school was always making sure I had what I needed to address my “womanly needs” during the school day. There is nothing that can crush confidence like forgetting your powder so you can’t cover up a zit or not having a maxi pad when you desperately need one. I put a lot of thought into what I put in my backpack to make sure I could get through my day feeling fabulous about myself and not having any period woes to throw me off. I’ll walk you through my back to school essentials as if I was packing for the first day of school! 

eos sweet mint

1) Pressed powder with a mirror. I’m not as vain as I was in high school, but I remember I could barely let an hour pass me by without making sure everything on my face was still in place.  

2) EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint. I love these for being affordable and amazing lip balms. And they’re shaped like a little egg! You’ll never lose one because they’re too big to get lost in your purse or pencil bag.

bic soleil razor3) A razor. No seriously, this might seem like a silly thing to include until you forget to shave your armpits and you’re wearing a sleeveless top to school. I’m just trying to save you from future embarrassment here. I like the BIC Soleil Twilight Triple Blade Disposable razors. They are inexpensive so even if you need to use it once and chuck it after, it’s worth it! Carry one of these in your pencil bag and you’ll be the girl who thinks of everything!  

4) Maxi pads. Duh. I literally just picked up the U by Kotex CleanWear® by U in “heavy flow” today because I am legit experiencing the heaviest cycle of my life right now. Tampons are great and all, but if you’re at school you’ll want to double up to avoid any chance of leakage. These are comfy and ultra thin and I promise you won’t look like you’re wearing a diaper. Only you will know you have this on as your secret weapon. 


 5) A planner. I haven’t carried a paper planner in years, but recently started carrying one again. I can’t tell you how it’s helped my organization. Search for popular planner hashtags on Instagram for help learning how to organize your life. I feel like this could change my productivity level forever. Hence, why all high schoolers should be carrying one. 

6) Purple pens. I always carry one. Why? Because I am the only person I know who carries purple pens, so I always know when the pen is mine. I love purple so I feel like I’m adding my own unique touch to anything I write on with it.

7) Breath mints. For good breath and to pop during science class to stay awake. 

8) Essential oils. I’ll admit I recently hopped on the essential oil bandwagon. I’ve found some that help teething, my husband’s snoring, a stomach ache, and a few other common ailments, but what I remember needing most in high school was something for stress! If you can find a roller ball to come to your rescue, grab one to rub on your pulse points when you are feeling overwhelmed.

lip scrub9) A good lip scrub. I have the perfect mild lip scrub recipe that’s perfect for every day after lunch. I am obsessed with having fresh breath and like to freshen up after every meal. After lunch is the perfect time to hit up the bathroom and slough the dead skin off of your lips before touching up your lip gloss. I like to mix coconut oil, sugar, and a few drops of peppermint oil together in a shot glass and put them in an empty container.

I couldn’t find an empty container at my house so I took an unused contact case and snapped the inner part off that holds the contacts. These are the cases you get when you buy the fizzy contact solution that cleans for 6 hours. I get a new case every time I buy a new solution and never seem to need one, so they are stockpiled. I think they make a perfect container for a DIY project! 

10) A cute pencil pouch. I prefer one that’s not see through, because I don’t like everyone knowing my business! Instead, I like the funky patterns and cute zipper pouches you can buy just about everywhere. They are usually labeled as makeup bags or by the school supplies. 

u by kotex, bic soleil, eosMost of these items I was able to buy at Walgreens. They have an offer right now where you can buy $15 of participating U by Kotex/ EOS/BIC products and get 3,000 Balance Reward Points. I stocked up on all of my period essentials there today. They are also the perfect stop for back to school needs!

walgreens pic

What would you put in your back to school survival kit? Make sure to always carry around enough tampons and pads that you’ll still have one for yourself and someone else who came unprepared. I was just explaining to a guy the other day that part of the “girl code” is giving a tampon to someone in the bathroom who needs one. It’s just the right thing to do! 

3 Comments on Back-to-School Survival Kit

  1. Alyssa H
    July 24, 2015 at 2:03 pm (2 years ago)

    That’s a great idea to have a unique colored pen plus your notes will look more fun!

  2. Wanda Tracey
    July 26, 2015 at 12:13 pm (2 years ago)

    That’s an awesome collection of super good ideas! Love it 🙂

  3. Summer Davis
    July 30, 2015 at 10:35 am (2 years ago)

    I LOVE that lip scrub recipe! This is a great back to school kit for a highschooler or college aged girl. I was pretty vain back then too, my how things have changed. 🙂 #client


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