overcoming blogger burnoutSo…you haven’t heard from me in about a week! I don’t know if I’ve gone this long without posting EVER, or at least since I became a little more serious about blogging. Why the absence? It was my birthday, I got really sick, and then I just wasn’t feeling it. So I stopped writing.

Blogging burnout is a struggle. There seems to be this unspoken rule that you have to post every day, or at least every weekday. I don’t always have something to say! Or I should say, while I will never run out of ideas to blog about, I’m not always inspired by what I had planned to write about on a given day. A few weeks ago, I was going to write about my obsession with a Nars foundation I had been using, and then by the time I sat down to write about it a week later, my obsession changed and I began using a new Clinique foundation non stop. Sometimes if you don’t write about your “thing” right away, the mojo is gone. 

Some of my favorite bloggers also have awesome Instagram feeds, gorgeous Pinterest boards, Etsy businesses to drool over with perfectly curated and beautiful products that they are creating…it’s all so inspiring to me! Sometimes I get so caught up in my inspiration and dreaming of what I might someday accomplish within the blogging community or creating my own product of some kind, that I never get a post up. I am a to-do list writer, over-thinker, and big dreamer, and as a result, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Often a whole day of planning for “the future” will go by and I’m so pumped up, but literally nothing for today that I meant to do has gotten done.

Another problem is that I just don’t care about blogging some days. This can happen for many reasons. Today it was gorgeous outside. I have been sick and cooped up in the house for three days and today I had the opportunity to be kid free and sit outside with my feet up, a magazine, and an iced tea for a couple hours and hell if I was about to turn that down to sit around and blog. It felt so good to recharge and now that I have taken practically a week off, I am super behind on some things but I have no doubt with my new surge in energy I will catch up quickly. 

So…how do you overcome the blogging blues? Here are a few tips that have worked for me!

1) Sometimes it’s best not to post when you’re not feeling inspired. There is no rule that you have to post every day. Go take a walk outside, get some fresh air, hang out with a friend, watch a rom com, or do whatever it takes for you to unwind. You will come back with fresh ideas and a surge of energy and excitement for your work you may not have had before.

2) Don’t be afraid to ditch some old ideas that sounded great at the time. I have SO many posts that I started writing and then somewhere along the line before it was time to hit publish, I just went “meh.” I have so many pictures I have taken of products that I thought I would get around to writing about and it just never happened. Rather than adding some of these now outdated post ideas to my ever growing to do list, it is so refreshing to go through my SD card and dump the pictures, go through my blog drafts and dump the idea, and move on. 

3) Don’t feel like you have to take every free product pitched to you. This one is tough for a lot of bloggers because, free! I take free products for the purpose of writing about the items on my blog (you’ll know which products were sent to me because I will put “press sample” in the post- all ethical bloggers disclose when they have a business relationship with companies) and I also buy a lot of products because I love to shop and try new things. My love for trying new makeup is the whole reason I started blogging, so duh, I’m not going to stop shopping! As a result, between my own personal shopping and what is sent to me by companies, I am sometimes swimming in products and it’s very overwhelming. I am often kicking around laundry baskets full of boxes to vacuum around them everywhere in my house and it drives me insane. Every couple weeks it feels good to purge stuff that I have been sent that I didn’t even ask for or stuff that just didn’t work for me. 

4) Realize that blogging is not only about numbers. Of course, when I take the time to take pictures, write, and come up with creative ideas, I’d love to get lots of reader feedback, people sharing my content, and everyone thinking my site is awesome and revisiting it daily. It’s hard not to get discouraged when you feel like you’re trying your butt off and your social media numbers are frozen, you’re not getting as many sponsored posts lately, and your monthly page views are exactly the same as last month. I always try to remind myself it’s not a competition. I read blogs of all styles, from people of all ages, and for all sorts of reasons. I like the variety and I’m happy for my audience no matter how big or small. 

5) Switch it up and evolve as necessary. Before I was a mom, I blogged about only beauty products, took horrible pictures, and didn’t spend much time doing it every day, much less promoting it. Once my first kid was born, I was really craving something to work on that I could be proud of since I was out of the workplace and needing a challenge. I started working a little harder at blogging. Once my second kid was born, I decided I was either going to quit blogging entirely or give it my all, but no more half assing it. I upped the ante a little more. When I was pregnant, I blogged a bit about that, when I was moving, I blogged a bit about that, now that we have bought a house I plan to blog about that too. This fall I will have been blogging for 4 years, and no matter what, your life is going to change within that time period. If your path changes and you lose readers, so be it, as long as you are enjoying it! For every reader you lose, you will probably gain another who appreciates the new subject matter. 

That is just my two cents! I am already feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back to scheduled posts this week. Do you ever get burnt out from something in life? How do you pick yourself up and get back into it? Please share your tips with me! 

2 Comments on Overcoming Blogger Burnout

  1. Nidia - Lit From Within
    June 7, 2015 at 11:28 pm (2 years ago)

    Great post! Sometimes I get discouraged, or get blogger envy, but then I try to focus on what it is about blogging that I enjoy. It doesn’t always make sense to add nailart to a review, but it’s what I love, so I do it. I enjoy your blog, and I hope you keep finding your joy in it as you (and it) grow and change.

    • justina
      June 8, 2015 at 10:34 am (2 years ago)

      Thanks Nidia! I always look forward to your posts because I know that you will have gone the extra mile with your creativity!


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