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how I spend my me timeA couple weeks ago I ended up going to my mom’s to recover from strep while she watched my kids. I had been planning on going camping with friends the following weekend so I ended up just staying for an extended period of time. All in all, I was gone for a week! Once I was feeling a little better, I still had my mom there to watch my kids so I got some much needed time to myself.

It’s not often that I get to go out and be completely alone! Usually if I’m working on blog stuff, I’m in a different room of the house but still “on call.” If I go to band practice, it’s free time, but I’m busy the whole time. It’s so rare that I can just sit somewhere and be still with my thoughts, and that is exactly how I love to spend my free time. In quiet relaxation and meditation, complete with ice cream that I am NOT sharing and some magazines and girl stuff. Pure bliss!

freezer caseWhen I knew I’d have some time to myself, I took a quick trip to Walmart. My mom has one right by her house. A stack of magazines and some ice cream quickly made their way into my cart! I love the freezer section at Walmart- it was about 100 degrees the day I went shopping so I pretended I was picking a flavor and stood inside the freezer door for about a minute, haha!

magazinesWhen I got home I put on some SPF right away and kicked my legs up. I had also picked up some face masks and wanted try them out so I brought those with me as well as nail polish remover and nail polish to touch up my toes. I have a confession. I often let my toe nail polish go until it looks terrible, and in a lazy rush, I just keep painting the same color over and over so I don’t have to remove it! I’ve been wearing the same shade of blue on my toes since last summer. Since I had some time for just me, I actually used remover and started from scratch. Go me! 

greek saladGreek salad- romaine, grilled chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, avocado, kalmata olives, topped with a little bit of cottage cheese and some roasted garlic peppercorn dressing. YUM!

My favorite part about taking time for myself has to be the food. I made myself a delish greek salad for a light lunch knowing that I would be indulging in ice cream right after! My two year old has a major sweet tooth and if there is chocolate in the house, it’s like she can sniff it out. I can never get away with having a bowl of ice cream to myself in my house because she’s always in my lap fighting me for every last bite. But when I found out that HÄAGEN-DAZS® Artisan Collection was in stores, I knew I needed to pick them up for a sweet treat to enjoy when I was kicking back alone.

There were so many amazing flavors I couldn’t just choose one. I had picked up Tres Leches Brigadeiro Ice Cream, Spiced Pecan Turtle Ice Cream, and Banana rum jam Ice Cream. I don’t know if I’ve ever had the ice cream experience I had with these. Talk about melt in my mouth. Banana rum jam was my absolute favorite, with such a decadent flavor that I was taking teensy tiny bites to get it to last as long as possible. Spiced Pecan Turtle had a surprising kick to it that I really liked. It was a great complement to other smoother flavors. And Tres Leches Brigadeiro was an all around winner too.

haagen daazs tres leches brigadeiroI let myself have one scoop of each of the three flavors. So delicious! I really don’t think any “me moment” from here on out will be complete without a sweet treat like HÄAGEN-DAZS®. I really enjoy my kids and love spending time with them, but I’m such a better mom when I take the time to unwind by myself from time to time. 

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How do you enjoy your “me moments?” 
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