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It’s been so nice out lately, all I want to do is grill out. Every meal! On nights that we are planning for brats, burgers, grilled chicken and the like, it’s an easy choice. Season, throw on the grill, and done. But tonight for dinner, we wanted to make pizza and ice cream. I decided, let’s try and throw everything we are eating for dinner on the grill! I’ve never grilled pizza or ice cream before, but there’s a first time for everything. I originally thought I would try to imitate the fried ice cream that we get at Mexican restaurants, but opted to grill some fruit instead. Read on to see how I did it! 

making pizza on the grillMaking pizza on the grill is surprisingly similar to making it in the oven. I picked up a DIGIORNO® pizzeria!™ pizza from Walmart and fired up the grill. It’s easiest to do if you have a temperature gauge on your grill, but if you don’t, preheat for about 15 minutes before starting. If you have a gauge, set it to about 400 degrees. I simply rotated it every few minutes as it was grilling until the pizza was melted and the cheese had browned at the edges.

digiorno thin crust pizzaI was VERY impressed with the new Digiorno pizza. If you didn’t tell me it was Digiorno, I would have never known. The crust was crispy on the outside, but soft and airy on the inside. The sauce was very flavorful, and tasted like I got it from a wood fired pizza restaurant. It might be the best frozen pizza I’ve ever tried. I am definitely buying one of these next time I have guests over, because I think it will be a real crowd pleaser.

digiorno thin crust pepperoni pizzaSeriously, don’t you just want to reach out and grab a pepperoni? Nom.

pizza with ranchCan we talk for a second about the best way to cut and eat pizza? My dad used to always cut round pizzas into squares despite the entire family protesting. Why anyone would cut a round pizza into squares and not triangles blows my mind. With a round pizza, every slice has a crust because the best way to cut it is into triangles. With a square pizza, every piece is cut into a square, so you’ll end up with three types of pizza slices. The corner pieces will have two sides with crust, the edge pieces will have one side of crust, and the center pieces will have NO crust to hold onto. I prefer to have crust to hold onto, because it ups my pizza game. Without, I feel like I have to use a fork and that slows me down. Also, I need ranch dressing with my pizza like Mario needs Luigi. I can’t eat pizza without ranch.

edy's frozen custardWhile I was eating pizza, I started prepping my fruits for the grill and for my yummy dessert idea. Edy’s Frozen Custard is the new dessert on the block and I am in love. It’s made with fresh milk, no artificial colors, or flavors. I picked up a few flavors because I wanted to indulge. This weekend is my birthday so I deserve it right? Salted Caramel Pretzel and Strawberry Shortcake are both delicious, the strawberry is my favorite of the two because the sweet cream frozen custard with shortcake pieces and creamy strawberry swirl is seriously rocking my world.

For my recipe, I used vanilla instead though, because I wanted to add some fresh fruit toppings and didn’t want the flavored custard to compete with the flavors that I was adding. 

grilling fruit beforeI chopped up 8 strawberries and a banana and put them all in tinfoil. I then found some homemade jam in our fridge and put three heaping spoonfuls into the tinfoil. I scooped up a small portion of the Vanilla Frozen Custard into a small ramekin dish and left it out for five minutes to get melty, since that’s the way I enjoy it the most. I wrapped up the tin foil and put it on the grill.

after grilling fruitFive minutes later, I took the concoction off the grill and voila! Everything was delicious and made to perfection! The frozen custard is on the bottom, where you can’t see it but I stirred everything together. To me, this is like creamy strawberry banana dessert. Hot and cold are mixed together. It was an explosion of my taste buds!

healthy strawberry dessert
Everything I made for dinner can be purchased at Walmart in the frozen section. Don’t stare too hard at the pizza below or you might get dizzy. I must’ve been in a hurry to get home! 
digiorno frozen pizza store pic
edy's frozen custard store pic
Edy’s Frozen Custard is $1 off right now with this coupon so be sure to check out your local Walmart to scoop it up! 

I am so glad I discovered I can make pizza AND delicious dessert toppings on the grill tonight. That may change the way I entertain in the future! What do you serve guests when they come over? What’s the craziest thing you’ve cooked on the grill?

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