salmon and eggs recipeI’ve been putting a lot of effort into healthy eating and exercise lately. I’m down six pounds since I started- woot woot! Today I’m going to share with you a secret for my success: eating a high protein breakfast. Until recently, I haven’t really been into breakfast. I would grab a cup of coffee and a Clif bar or something, but I have found that it really sets the tone for my day to begin with a high protein meal. This meal only requires three ingredients besides the eggs, and better yet, it’s super cheap and easy to make!

scrambled eggsFirst I start by scrambling my eggs. I’ve been getting farm fresh eggs from a friend, and they are so yummy! Eggs are high protein and inexpensive. I feel full for longer when they are part of my breakfast! Don’t shy away from including scrambled eggs in your breakfast, because they only take three minutes to make from start to finish!  

high protein breakfastMy three ingredients I add every time are cheese, salmon, and avocado. I often use whatever cheese I have in the fridge, but I am a huge fan of feta, for containing less fat and calories than most other cheeses. It’s high in taste/salt content so when I reach for this I don’t need to season my eggs beyond the cheese. Canned salmon is an excellent source of protein! A serving size is 1/3 of the can. I drain the whole can and flake some of it with a fork before putting it in the skillet. 

salmon and eggsOnce my meal is hot off the stove, I slice about 1/3 of an avocado to put on top. So yummy! 

salmon and eggs for breakfastMost mornings, I try to rotate between whatever toppings I have in my fridge. I’ve put salsa or pico de gallo on top of this too and it’s super tasty! It would also be delish over a bed of spinach. If you like some spice, add Sriracha! 

Most mornings I eat granola and greek yogurt, but when I feel like eating something hot, this is what I make. What do you eat for breakfast? This makes me full for hours so it’s a perfect way to start my day! 

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