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a 30th birthday surpriseNow that the weekend is finally over, I can proudly say I have just pulled off the biggest birthday surprise of my life. Not only the biggest surprise, but the biggest secret ever. My husband turned 30 last weekend, and I flew his best friend in the world in from Florida to Wisconsin to surprise him. He had no idea! It was excruciatingly hard to pull off, but somehow I held on to my secret for a whole month! It was so worth it, but sooooo hard! 

IMG_4694Oh man, was it ever tough though. I decided since he was going to have a friend in town, I needed to throw a surprise party at our house, I went behind his back to invite work friends to that, and sent our dog away so we didn’t feel like we had to be home the whole weekend. We live about 40 minutes from a major city and there is much more to do in that direction, so I knew Ruckus would be happier and attended to more if he stayed with my mom for the week. I ran about twenty billion errands in the week before his friend’s arrival to Walmart to pick up random stuff (candles, birthday cards, napkins, etc) that I would need for the festivities.

hallmark cards 1I’ve always been really into gifting people cards for special occasions. We have a really busy month ahead of us too, so I was thrilled that a selection of Hallmark Cards at Walmart are only 47 cents. I’ve been spending money left and right this month with company coming into town, birthdays (mine is in 2 weeks too!) and it was nice to buy a bunch of cards for around $3 total rather than my usual bill of $20 or more. It’s the thought that counts, honestly, and for 47 cents it’s a total steal. 

hallmark cardsbirthday mugsSome of Mike’s gifts from other people were some America mugs with thirty $1 bills folded into Oragami shapes, and some gift cards! But I totally got him the most thoughtful gift. I highly recommend surprising someone you love with a once in a lifetime surprise, just once. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top how special this weekend was. In fact, I was trying to think of something equivalent that he could ever get me in the future, and I can’t. The bond these two share from being in the military and being deployed together twice is amazing, and it made all the hard work so well worth it just seeing them have a great weekend together. We went to the zoo and to the mini golf course, they played laser tag, we had a party at our house, and made lots of fun memories! It was a really great time, and then he left town because weekends go all too quickly, and now it’s Monday (grumble grumble). 

IMG_4724 copyIMG_4797 copyEven though his friend isn’t in town anymore, we have so many plans for the next couple weeks, and we will be staying super busy. I bought six more cards for all of the events we have- no joke! My grandpa has a birthday the day after mine so I bought him a 47 cent Hallmark card and about died laughing when he sent Mike the exact same one for his birthday! I guess 30 really is over the hill! I was able to buy a retirement card for Mike’s aunt and uncle that we are visiting in a few weeks, a belated birthday card for his brother, and a Father’s Day card. 

father's day cardWe also just found out that some people we know who have had a hard time conceiving just found out they were expecting, AND my cousin is pregnant again (which I totally guessed btw) so I also stocked up on baby cards. YAY! I love babies. 

baby card


Mondays are rough, but we had the BEST weekend. I loved celebrating and planning the most epic 30th birthday celebration ever and can’t wait for all the fun events in the month to come. Cheers to Monday, birthdays, babies, and all the happy things we love to celebrate. 

What did you do this weekend? Do you have fun events coming up? Do you ever buy the 47 cent cards or do you spring for the other Hallmark ones?

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  1. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom
    May 22, 2015 at 11:46 pm (2 years ago)

    I love that you can afford to buy cards for any occasion thanks to these Hallmark cards! #client


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