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A couple weeks ago I talked about shimmery eyeshadows and how they are making a comeback in my beauty wardrobe. One of my favorite brands, Make Up For Ever, came out with the Artist Shadow singles in a variety of finishes, and I am loving some of these for a shimmery eyeshadow look that is super gorgeous and grown up. No chunky glitter fallout here! 

make up for ever eyeshadow singlesIf you haven’t heard of them yet, the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are some of the best eyeshadows out there right now. The formula is unlike anything I’ve seen before with a powder eyeshadow. It’s more of a gel-powder formula that is super intense and saturated with color. Even the less in-yo-face shades end up being really vibrant and surprisingly pigmented. I’ve been applying these with my fingers, but you can also use a makeup brush. I find that they’re so creamy and silky smooth that they work really well with the fingers, and if you need more blending, you can always go in with a makeup brush and swish it around a little bit to blend! 

mufe shimmer shadowsI have four shades, two are diamond finish and two are iridescent finish. Celestial Beige and Taupe platinum are the diamond finishes. These shades have actual pieces of glitter in them. It freaked me out when I first saw them, and even swatched them because I assumed there would be lots of fallout on my cheeks, but there hasn’t been. Pinky Beige and Pink Granite are the iridescent shades. They are more of a shimmery sheen finish, with no discernable glitter pieces.

mufe shimmer shadows 2make up for ever eyeshadow singles 2I’ve been wearing them over this primer. This has got to be one of my all time favorite eye shadow formulas. When I apply, it lasts all day, even through a workout. There are five finishes available- matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic, and diamond. There are also a TON of shades available. You can choose a palette and create your own perfect combination. There is also a limited edition Artist Palette with several shades that I absolutely love and I think it would be perfect for summer!

mufe artist shadows diamond and iridescentL-R: D504 (Celestial Beige- Diamond),  I524 (Pinky Beige- Iridescent), 1544 (Pink Granite- Iridescent) TJ01A D562 (Taupe Platinum- Diamond)

I swatched the diamond finish ones on the outside and the iridescent ones on the insie so you could see the difference in lustre of the shadows. Taupe Platinum is absolute perfection. I love to pair it with Celestial Beige and just use those two shadows together. 

At $21 these are just a dollar more than my much loved Lancome Color Design Eye Shadow singles, and I think the MUFE ones are a lot bigger. I can’t find an oz. reading on the Lancome to confirm, but yeah, these are a great value and they are sure to be much loved in your collection!

If you are looking for a shimmer shadow that you will love, look no further than these four shades. I love them! What’s your favorite shimmery shade?


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