I have been seeing everyone participate in Instagram challenges lately, so I decided to host my own. The first of the month is a good time to start something new, and even though it’s 10:30 pm on April 1st, where I live, I figure better late than never. I was inspired to start this challenge by My Newest Addiction, who hosts them pretty regularly. I usually participate for a few days then drop off the map. I am bad at my Instagram game, but always looking for a challenge, so I hope to improve in the month of April!

april instagram challenge 1In case you can’t read the font, I’ll write it out for you again. The plan is that on the day of the month that each of these items falls, I will take a picture to represent that item. I will also be tagging everything #AprilGems for my challenge. I thought that was kind of a fun spin on my blog’s name. If you follow me on Instagram, I would love to have you participate. No pressure, I just think it would be fun. The point for me will be to live a little more purposefully in the month of April and notice what’s around me more- take more pictures, be more thoughtful, spend more time doing fun things, etc.

1. April Fools!

2. Favorite blush

3. Current book

4. A goal

5. Something you love

6. What you’re watching

7. Fav mascara

8. My view

9. Selfie

10. Where I live

11. Hair OTD (of the day)

12. Fav color

13. Happy memory

14. Evening rituals

15. Scent OTD

16. Summer bucket list

17. Favorite song

18. Workout OTD

19. Inspired by

20. Current obsession

21. The great outdoors

22. Can’t live without

23. Lipstick OTD

24. Thankful for

25. Drink OTD

26. Best friend

27. Skincare OTD

28. Makes me laugh

29. An adventure

30. Best pic

I hope you join me. Don’t forget to #AprilGems and if you want to, I’d love if you tagged me @justinalayne so I can follow along with you! Happy April!

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