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When it comes to cell phone services, even when I’m happy with what I have, I’m always looking around. Is there a better deal out there? That’s the magic question to me! With my current cell phone provider, I share 4 GB of data between four people, and have unlimited talk and text. Of course, I would rather have unlimited everything, and be paying less. I recently had the chance to check out the Alcatel Fierce 2 phone through Walmart Family Mobile, and I can definitely see valid reasons to sign up! I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you might consider changing your phone to a Walmart phone. 

10 reasons to sign up for walmart best plans1) Starting up the service is super easy. It only costs $25 compared to competitors who typically charge $100+, and you can start up from the comfort of your own home, rather than waiting for someone in the store to do it. 

2) A month of service is $29.88 for the first line. My current plan costs $100 for the first line. I feel like I’m getting robbed just admitting that!

3) With a $70 savings a month, and $840 per year, I could be treating myself to Iced Caramel Lattes from my favorite drive through more often, or buy a new pair of shoes every month.

walmart family mobile starter kit4) The Walmart Family plans include Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data. It’s practically unheard of to offer unlimited data in a service plan. In fact, the majority of our current plan’s pricing is paying for data. 

5) With unlimited data, I am reminded of “Kim’s Data Stash”- has anyone else seen that commercial? Think of all the missed opportunities for selfies you would have without unlimited data. Well, now you can take and share all the selfies your heart desires.

walmart family mobile6) If you are at the end of your phone contract, now could be the perfect time to make the switch. Our contract is expiring in June, and if I get a new phone through our current provider it will bump up another 2 years. Of course, if I do nothing to update my account, I could drop my current phone and save a TON by switching to the Alcatel phone.

alcatel one touch fierce 27) If you are looking for the perfect phone for someone with a low budget or someone in transition, I don’t think you could find a better deal. The phones don’t operate under contracts, so cancelling is as simple as calling in to stop the phone service. They are also post paid, so after the month is over is when the bill is due. Pretty awesome, I know my current phone provider charges $200 to cancel each line. 

alcatel fierce 2 walmart phone8) The Alcatel Fierce 2 is the perfect size for texting. It fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. I don’t even want to know how many text messages I send in the span of a day! 

9) The Alcatel Fierce 2 is a lightweight phone and inexpensive phone. I got the phone and the start up kit for less than $150. That’s basically unheard of in the cell phone world. Any other service I’ve had has cost at least triple that to start a new service. It has held up really well in the short time I’ve had it, but even if something happened to it, it would be inexpensive to replace!

10) Walmart is an easy one stop shop for your phone needs. I bought this phone while I was grocery shopping with my two kids. You can’t beat the convenience!

walmart family mobile in store photoWhat do you think? Should I switch to the Walmart plan and switch to the Alcatel Fierce 2? I haven’t heard anything about these phones before but they certainly look tempting! 


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