I’ve been keeping more secrets from you all! This time it’s about haircare products that I am totally in love with. I discovered It’s a 10 right after my oldest was born and I’ve been using it on and off ever since. I have been gearing up for impending doom aka all of my hair falling out after my last pregnancy, so I’m so glad I have replenished my stock in this. I lost touch with these products about a year ago and I’m glad we’ve reunited. They’re amazing!

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First off, this line is called “It’s a 10” because they are meant to perform 10 functions instantly. (1) keratin enriched (2) bamboo adds strength (3) argan oil deeply nourishes (4) non greasy (5) protects color (6) protects from thermal styling (7) heals and protects damaged hair (8) defrizzes (9) adds instant shine (10) environmental protectant.

The first thing I do after getting out of the shower is to towel dry my hair and add the Miracle Oil Plus Keratin. I only need a couple drops of this and it quickly absorbs without weighing my hair down and makes it super shiny. I recently dyed my hair dark, which is my favorite way to have it, and this really adds shine that I can see on contact. I love that it acts as a heat protectant as well. A little goes a super long way, and as I blow dry I can tell that it’s not damaging my hair as badly because my hair stays smooth and soft rather than feeling dried out.

Miracle Leave In Product is another keeper. This is a detangling solution and it’s a rockstar at that. I focus this on the ends of my hair and work it half way up the hair shaft as I spritz. It makes my ends feel like I just got my hair cut! This product also intensifies the shine big time. If I spray it too close to my roots it will make my hair look greasy faster, but that’s because it’s a leave in conditioner type product. I don’t put a bunch of conditioner in my roots in the shower either! You will not be picking knots out of your hair with this product. It is fabulous! There’s a sample of the mask that comes on some bottles of this as well.

Miracle Shine Spray is the finishing touch for your hairstyle. You can spray this on wet or dry hair, but I spray it on dry hair most often. Honestly, it’s a step that I can skip when I use the rest of the product line because everything in It’s a 10 products makes my hair shiny already! But if I’m straightening my hair I always use this because it makes my hair look glass like. The shine that this adds to my hair makes my hair look SO healthy like I just had a brazilian blowout.

Overall, I love these products. Especially as I’m starting to shed like crazy post pregnancy, I’m paying super close attention to what I’m putting in my hair. I want my hair to look healthy, shiny, strong, and gorgeous, and It’s a 10 products fit the bill! 

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  1. Kim
    December 5, 2014 at 9:23 am (3 years ago)

    OOh I’ve heard such great things about this brand.

    Don’t worry about the shedding. Although it’s annoying, it gets better.


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