Because I’m obsessed with skincare, my complexion, and all things foundation, I was super excited to give Shiseido’s Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation a whirl. It’s SPF 20 and comes in a jar like you would see for a moisturizer. When I was photographing this jar, I was on autopilot and totally not paying attention to what I was doing and I opened it and thought that’s funny- why does it look like a foundation in a jar? Well, DUH, because it IS a foundation in a jar. This formula is wonderful and does a lot to fight aging as well as make my skin look and feel amazing.

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The formula contains the exclusive Skingenecell 1P to counteract the appearance of future aging, and it contains 4MSK, an innovative brightening ingredient for a luminous, more even skin tone. I’ve never heard of either of those things and I’m no dermatologist, but whatever skin care voodoo goodness is going on, I’m not complaining, because my skin looks pretty fab after using this! The main thing this is promising to do is correct the visible signs of aging (lots of firmness, wrinkles, dark spots, dullness and pores), and maintain essential moisture for a long lasting, healthy, brighter look.

shiseido total radiance foundation

I use the scooper that comes with this to scoop a little dallop onto my fingers and then apply it to my face with my hands, using the warmth of my body heat on my fingers to let the foundation meld into my skin. I’ve really been treating myself to some awesome products lately for my skin, and the duo I’m using before this has felt heavenly. I’ve been using the bliss ex-‘glow’-sion that I reviewed the other day as a moisturizer followed by Lancome’s La Base primer, an oldie but goodie that I am SO glad I rediscovered. My skin is already feeling pretty silky when it’s time to apply this foundation, and when I put this on, it’s like the trifecta, the three products just work so well together.

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I’m curious why they have this in a jar like a foundation, because it’s not my favorite way to apply. I’d rather have a squeezey bottle or a pump, but once I felt the texture of this I kind of understood the method behind the madness. It’s kind of a thick, creamy, whipped texture. I don’t know if you could really pump it out of a bottle that well, it would probably get stuck towards the bottom of the bottle because it’s not super liquidy. I mean, I’m not going to dump this jar upside down and see, because it’s not THAT thick, but you catch my drift.

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My shade is Natural Light Ivory, the second lightest shade of 11 shades. My application method involves my hands only, but I’m sure you could get beautiful results from a beauty blender sponge or a foundation brush. I’ve just been really into using my fingers lately. I find this formula leaves my skin super well hydrated while I’m wearing it and it lasts the entire day until I take it off (14+ hours) with minimal signs of wear. I’m getting at least medium if not full coverage out of it. It goes on light as a feather and I am not finding the need to wear a setting powder or concealer with it. It’s almost like a cream to powder formula in that it doesn’t need to be set and also that it dries so quickly. Also- this isn’t a claim or anything- but it’s somewhat waterproof as well. I got caught in a downpour with this and it held up surprisingly well!

shiseido total radiance swatch

shiseido total radiance foundation swatch 2

You can see the shade just disappears into my skin and the coverage is awesome. I have been loving this lately!

If I had to choose a couple things that I am not over the moon about…

It is rather strongly fragranced, but the scent dissipates after a few minutes.

It is $85 for 30 mL which makes me choke a little bit, but you are really getting a luxurious formula here. I wouldn’t expect anything less than this from Shiseido. They also manage to produce an amazing foundation that is sheer and still looks great on me when I’m tired somehow…so really you’re putting your beauty and skin in good hands with this brand!

All in all, this is a major win! Have you or will you try this? 


2 Comments on Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation

  1. Jessica T
    October 3, 2014 at 10:34 am (3 years ago)

    The texture looks amazing. With the round design of this though I’d probably have a hard time finding a spot for it in my makeup organizer!

  2. Amber
    December 14, 2015 at 9:05 pm (2 years ago)

    I have never heard of this foundation, but I really want to try it now! I choked a bit at the price too though. LOL Thanks for the great review!


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