September is here seemingly out of nowhere. I am not prepared! We have been busy bees this summer after our move back to Wisconsin. We were gone almost every weekend making up for lost time, catching up with family and friends and attending weddings and showers. We sucked the life out of this summer, and all of the sudden it’s practically Fall, school has started, and I looked at the calendar and realized I was due in less than a month!


My husband and I had been looking for our first home for the past few months, and out of nowhere we found a home that was perfect for us. We were hoping to move in mid to late September, but things got expedited FAST and before we knew it, we were signing the closing papers three weeks early, and only a short week and a half before I was due with baby #2. We were lucky enough to have some family able to help us out with the move and over this past weekend we got completely moved out of our last apartment ever. I am so tired, but so grateful and so happy to be in this new place. We have already painted every surface and now we are working on unpacking boxes. I really didn’t picture drowning in a sea of boxes the same week we were due to have this child, but such is life, and I’m happy nonetheless.


Time will not stand still lately. Our daughter will be two this month. We will be welcoming our second daughter into the world probably this week. Crazy! My pregnancies with both girls have been so similar, yet so different. With my first, I was really stressed and we were going through some major life changes. This time around, I am also stressed but it’s a good stress mostly, so that is helpful. Knowing that we are much closer to family and friends this time around has been really helpful to my stress level. But still, I keep cuddling my daughter close at night because there is so much unknown and I know we are both nervous. She can sense that a major life change is about to occur. She will be a big sister any minute now, and that’s a huge change from having me all to herself every day. I am slightly terrified of having two kids two and under to be home with all day.

Our new house has unfamiliar noises and it’s hard to sleep here because I’m not used to it. Everything is in boxes in every room and I keep stubbing my toes when I get up to use the bathroom for the 80th time every night. We don’t have every room “figured out” yet and I don’t know where all of my stuff is. I don’t have a hospital bag packed yet. I’m nervous about the pain of the delivery because I know exactly what to expect. That shit hurts.

I’m starting to freak out a little bit about how I’m going to manage my time, because I’m not great at time management anyway, and now I’ll have a whole lot less of it. I know it will all work out, but this week I’m sort of freaking.


The good news is I have a lot of content prepared for when I am going to be busy the initial few weeks after baby. I have a lot of things I also have planned to write about this Fall- I want to post some delicious recipes (my mouth is watering for a good Rueben sandwich lately, I need to come up with a great recipe!), I have a great giveaway for a staple kitchen item that you will LOVE, some tips for first time homebuyers is on the horizon, and definitely lots and lots of makeup. I hope to be as consistent as possible here, but if I go quiet for a few days at a time, now you’ll know what happened to me. Motherhood and home ownership have likely chewed me up and swallowed me whole.

If you want to see what I’m up to in the meantime and stalk me on social media, I’m sure I’ll be on Instagram a bunch once I’m in the hospital and you can stay tuned on fun things like baby pictures and names!

I’m posting this Wednesday so who knows- maybe I will already have the baby by now when you are reading this. I just felt a need to get my thoughts out tonight and let you know where I may be if things are quiet around here for a bit. Hope you are all well, enjoying the crisper weather we’ve experienced this week, and drink a PSL for me until we chat again! 

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  1. Jessica T
    September 11, 2014 at 1:53 pm (3 years ago)

    Congrats on an exciting year. I agree too this summer just flew by!


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