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We just bought a new (to us) Honda Odyssey a few weeks ago and I’m desperately trying to keep it clean! With a toddler in the back seat, this has proven easier said than done! Last week, I decided I needed to start keeping Wet-Nap in the car so I can tackle my messes right away. I printed off a 55 cent off coupon (while supplies last) and headed to Walmart (every day low prices for the win!) to see what they had. 

wet nap products.jpgAt our Walmart these were kind of hiding. I expected them to be by the baby stuff, and when I didn’t find them there, I checked by the house cleaning stuff. I ended up finding them by the flushable wipes, Q-tips and women’s sanitary products. If you are looking for these at your local Walmart, don’t despair! They are around, just maybe not where you might have pictured them- most Walmart stores have them in the Napkin/Paper goods aisle.

wet nap hand wipes.jpgMy daughter and I went on a coffee date (juice and a scone for her) the other day followed by a trip to the splash pad. She had an absolute blast, but I forgot a change of clothes for her and she wanted to eat the remainder of her scone in the car. Thankfully, I had the foresight not to buy her anything melty like chocolate, but believe me, she was able to make a huge mess with her blueberry scone.

I didn’t feel so bad cleaning her off with a Wet-Nap considering that they are now made to be softer and stronger than before, as well as moisturizing with aloe. They are meant to clean people, but they clean surfaces too! Look at all those crumbs! Her legs were completely covered, as was her face and her entire car seat. I was able to get all the crumbs to cling to the wet surface of the Wet-Nap and in a matter of a minute, everything and everyone was cleaned off, good as new. I wish I could’ve gotten a better shot of her face before and after, but she did NOT appreciate me wiping her face off so I decided to spare you the scowl! before after wet nap.jpgI love Wet-Nap products because they come in a canister handy for the car, or in packettes that I can throw in my purse. These are so handy and they come in many scents, but I prefer fresh. They fit in the cup holder of my van, so I am eager to teach my little one to reach for one herself when she needs to clean a mess. She is my little helper so I am hopeful that it catches on! 

baby wet nap.jpgHave you tried Wet-Nap products? I am loving the fresh scent! Swing by Walmart and check them out if you haven’t already! 



2 Comments on Keeping the Car Seat Clean with Wet-Nap from Walmart!

  1. Beyond Beauty Lounge
    July 21, 2014 at 10:56 pm (3 years ago)

    I could have used these a while ago. I was babysitting a friends child and he fell asleep in the car eating M&m’s. You can imagine the melted chocolate mess.

  2. Alison Freisz-Steward
    July 21, 2014 at 11:38 pm (3 years ago)

    I totally need to keep these in the car – we always have messes and since we’re potty training, sometimes we don’t have diaper wipes as readily available as we used to! Super cute swimsuit (my Bella has the same one!) Wet Naps really are a lifesaver!


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