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Being from Wisconsin, there are just a few things we do “right.” Most have to do with food. We are the number one cheese producing state in the country, we love cheese curds and when they squeak, we eat brats (pronounced brahts) with sauerkraut, we love our beer, and we love to combine our food and our beer! Have you ever tried beer boiling your bratwurst before eating them? It’s truly the Wisconsin way, and today I want to share with you my method, which I am appalled to say so many of my out-of-state friends are not familiar with! This is a great way to prepare your meat for tailgating at a Brewer’s game, and you can find all the necessary ingredients at your favorite Wisconsin grocery store.

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If you have never tailgated in Wisconsin before, let me educate you on a couple things you will need. You NEED Miller Lite beer. Everyone drinks this from college kids at frat parties to 20 something year olds who are celebrating game day. It’s a refreshing and delicious beverage and it’s going to be what you boil your brats in as well as drink! We also like to use Klements bratwurst and Heinz ketchup to top it off. Make sure you also pick up brat buns (not hot dog buns- they will break with the width of a brat), sauerkraut, and mustard. In the Milwaukee area, Pick ‘n Save is our one stop shop for all of these items.

step one, pour the beer.jpgThe first step is pouring the beer into your pot and turn the burner up high!

step 2 load the brats.jpgNext you will want to load your brats into the pot. We usually estimate that everyone will eat two, and if that’s too many, there are leftovers for later!

step 3 add more beer.jpgOnce the brats are in the pot, add more beer until the brats are covered. This will typically take 3-4 cans unless you’re only cooking for a small crowd. If you find yourself with a little extra beer once your brats are covered, drink it! I should mention some people like to chop an onion to boil with their bratwurst. This is optional though, because they will still taste good without it! 

step 4 stir and let boil.jpg.jpgNow, stir and let boil. You will know the brats are ready when they turn gray. They should be gray inside and out. If you are prepping for tailgating, you are done until you get to the game. Let them cool on a plate and load them into a bag to grill when you get to the game. If you are doing this at home, move to the next step.

step 5 brown it in pan.jpgBrown the brats in a pan or on the grill. Flip and do both sides. Once you are done with this step, you are almost ready to eat! 

bratwurst meal.jpgI like to serve my brats in sausage rolls because hot dog buns are too small for a bratwurst! Brownberry makes a great sausage roll that is just perfect for this. Don’t forget to top your meat with ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut! A side of beans and potato salad makes for perfection.

Klements meatsNot just any brat will do either- in Wisconsin we find that Klements is a great tasting meat at a great price point. I bought mine at Pick ‘n Save.

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  1. Summer Len Davis
    July 25, 2014 at 3:53 pm (3 years ago)

    OK so I have a really embarrassing story about beer and hot dogs. It was my son’s 8th birthday and I really wanted beer dogs. So I soaked the dogs overnight in beer then we grilled them. They tasted like . . . hot dogs. This poor Florida girl raised Alaska had no idea that you had to boil them in the beer to get them tasting good. I’m SO glad that you schooled me on the proper way to do it! #client


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