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 whoopie cream
I’ve been trying to get myself to break old habits lately, and one of them is not saving all of my good stuff for a special occasion. I have some delicious body wash, perfume, and other beauty goodies and much of it stays neatly packed up after testing, just waiting for a special reason to use it. When I opened FarmHouse Fresh’s Whoopie Cream Shea Butter I decided I was going to break my habit immediately, and use this baby up as soon as possible. It is SO yummy. 
I don’t even know if you would believe me how good this smells unless you had it in your hands to experience for yourself. Whoopie Cream Shea butter is for use in the shower or bath. It’s a whipped, creamy body wash that smells like fresh-baked whoopie pie. Kind of a cute story, whoopie pies were made famous by farmers long ago who would open their lunch pails and shout with joy, “Whoopie!” when they found out they had the delicious desserts packed for them. It’s definitely a treat to get excited about! 
The texture is thinner than I would have thought for such a decadent fragrance. It lathers really well despite being sulfate free. To me, it smells fruity, creamy, and rich. The scent fades pretty quickly after a shower, so don’t be afraid if you have a sensitive sniffer. A little bit went a long way in a loofah! It made my skin very soft and hydrated, although I wasn’t able to skip lotion after my shower. That’s ok though because I have Front Porch Punch, another delicious and amazing product from FarmHouse Fresh, that I like to use after showers!
Whoopie Cream Shea Butter contains aloe, vitamin E and a blend of extracts that calm sensitive skin including Green Tea for anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile, and Arnica Montana Flower. Sodium PCA is an ingredient that helps boost skin’s moisture content and prevents moisture loss as you cleanser. It’s sold in an 8 oz. plastic bottle, is 95% natural, and is paraben and sulfate free.
All in all, this is an amazingly delicious product and well worth the $18 price tag. Splurge on yourself and pick this up, you won’t regret it! 
Shop the Whoopie scent below!

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