tarte-collage-Spring has sprung at tarte, and today I have many exciting products to show you from their Spring line. I’m going to show you their cheek stains and the new power pigment lipsurgence! Tarte just gave their award-winning cult favorite cheek stains a makeover by repackaging them and introducing a new shade, Blushing Bride. Each cheek stain has a matching Power Pigment Lipsurgence and a matching Amazonian clay 12-hour blush. You can check out all the different shades here
These are so nice and I have had so much fun reviewing them and testing out the different combinations. My favorite part is that each cheek stain has a matching Lipsurgence, so you can truly have a matching and cohesive look every day, and with eight combinations you will never get bored! Obviously you can mix and match as well. 
tarte2 L-R:

fearless (pink coral)
tipsy (sheer coral)
 blissful (warm peach)
natural beauty (sheer rosy red)
A couple swipes of these on my cheeks brings a lot of color. Some of the lighter shades like Fearless and Tipsy need a few extra swipes to really show up on my skin. The way I’ve been wearing these is by applying a foundation, then the cheek stain directly from the tube. I use a stippling brush to distribute the color and then if I need a powder, I dust it on my face afterwards, going very lightly over the cheek stains. I usually find that cream products don’t work so well over top of powder formulas.
Tipsy above arrived to me completely pushed up through the tube, but I didn’t want to photograph it that way and had a bit of trouble getting it to go back down. I tried putting duct tape underneath the tube and pulling it back down, a tweezer, etc. Finally, I faced the music that the only way to push it back down would be with my finger. I didn’t expect it to leave a smudge for some reason, but that’s what you see on the top of the container there! 


These are the matching Power Pigment Lipsurgence. It’s a hydrating formula that’s very rich in pigment. All the shades are pretty vibrant, even the nude shades. It’s got a hint of peppermint that goes away after a few minutes. The tip is skinnier than what you’re used to in Lipsurgence, so be careful not to push too hard on it. It’s pretty sturdy, but if you keep one in your pocket and apply later, your body heat might be enough to break the tip off. And yes, I speak from experience. 


top- cheek stains, bottom- lipsurgence
L-R: fearless, tipsy, blissful, natural beauty
As you can see from the swatches above, Fearless, Tipsy, and Blissful all go rather sheer on the cheeks, whereas Natural Beauty is a little more pigmented. All of the Lipsurgence are pretty highly pigmented. 
The next four shades are some of my favorites that I absolutely loved testing out! 
flush (sheer berry)
true love (sheer watermelon)
exposed (nude pink- formerly awakening)
blushing bride (rosy pink)
Of all of the shades of these Cheek Stains, I have to say my absolute favorite was Blushing Bride, the new shade. I love the rosy pink shade. I have been having so much fun playing with this color and I think it would be pretty flattering on almost every skin tone. I really do think it has a bridal look about it, and would make a fun gift for the bride in your life. I’m imagining how thrilled I would’ve been receiving Blushing Bride Cheek Stain and Lipsurgence as a bridal shower gift. I’m sure I would’ve worn them on my big day, and the name is so festive for the occasion. 

 I felt like all four of these Cheek Stains were pretty pigmented, even Exposed, which is the lightest of the bunch. It only took a pass or two to get some nice pigment out of the shade, which was a nice surprise. I didn’t think that one would even show up on me! I’d be curious to see how beautiful some of these colors would look on the skin with a tan this summer. Exposed might disappear on my skin if I was a few shades darker! 

top- cheeks stains, bottom- lipsurgence
L-R: flush, true love, exposed, blushing bride 

All in all, I think these are really high quality products. The Lipsurgence are $24 apiece which is pretty steep, especially considering the skinny packaging. I noticed that when I wore them, they wore best when my lips had been exfoliated and were moisturized. If I didn’t take proper care of my lips, I felt they looked a little flaky under the Lipsurgence. The texture of the formula felt a little waxy and balmy to me but I think the texture lent itself to a slightly longer staying power than I’ve seen from Lipsurgence before, which is great. Just keep your lips moisturized well when you’re going to wear these so you can get the best look possible! I think they did a great job formulating brighter, pigmented, lip shades that are also very wearable for every day. There isn’t a single color in the range that seemed shocking to me and that I wouldn’t wear to a professional job. 
The Cheek Stains are $30 each which is also not cheap, but they are really high quality. They have a somewhat dewy finish, and I think they set the best over a liquid or cream foundation. Some of the shades are pretty pigmented in a swipe or two (all of my swatches show two swipes) and some of them are a bit lighter. I like the fact that each Lipsurgence has a matching Cheek Stain, which takes the guess work out of getting ready. Especially when I wear a nude lip color like Exposed, I am often stumped on what shade I should wear on my cheeks, so this definitely takes the guess work out! 
These are great products and I hope you try some! Let me know if you plan on picking any of these up. I’m having a blast playing with the different color combinations! 

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