In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I wanted to share with you one of my favorite “green” makeup products today, Intense Peridot eyeliner by Clinique. I have to admit when I sat down to write this review I realized that I’ve been meaning to review this product for almost a year now and I’m feeling a little ashamed! I have so much makeup and I’ve only ever reviewed a portion of the things I love. Someday, I will review it all for you. But for now, we’ll start with this. 

This comes in a twist up non retractable case. Once you twist up the tip, there is no getting the product back in the tube unless you push it down with your finger. The tip comes to a point and there’s no way to sharpen it again but it’s relatively small even when worn down so that has never bothered me. As you can see there is a plastic cap that covers the smudger tool on the other end. 
In terms of packaging, I think it could use a bit of improvement. Sometimes I accidentally place the plastic cap on the smudger tool on the wrong end and I crush the eyeliner down. I’ve also found that the silver cap covering the liner is easily broken and when it falls off, the liner dries out. 

The shade you get from Intense Peridot is an absolutely beautiful cross between brown and green, with some gold flash in it. My favorite way to wear this is on my lower lash line. On a daily basis, I find I like to have more definition on my top lash line so I wear a black or brown there. But Intense Peridot on the lower lash line gives just the right amount of sparkle and twinkle to my eyes and really complements just about every shade I pair with it for eyeshadow!

The formula is richly pigmented and smooth, and it stays all day until being removed. I’ve found that Clinique’s eyeliner formulas are usually waxy, not all that pigmented, and tend to be dry. This formula is unlike the others because of how easy it is to apply and how intense the shade range is, but the formula does tend to dry out if it’s not used within a few months. If you purchase this, try to use it at least on a weekly basis so you get to the end of the formula before it dries out.
It sounds like a lot of work to use an eyeliner, but it’s definitely worth it in my book. If you pick it up give me a shout and let me know what you think!
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