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I need to warn you in advance that this is an extremely picture heavy post! There are pictures on pictures here! I am about to show you how I store absolutely everything makeup, beauty, skincare, haircare, jewelry, nail polish, etc…pretty much anything I use to beautify…and there is A LOT. My hope is that this post can show you some creative ways to make your space work a little better for you. Our last apartment was much bigger than this one so I am now forced to cram my ever growing collection in an even smaller space. Read on for the info…
My bathroom counter is so tiny. Luckily for me, my husband uses the other bathroom for getting ready, so I get this one all to myself. As you can see above, I have a clear storage cube called the eDiva Princess, which I absolutely love. It is by far the best storage solution I have found for my bathroom counter. The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX is also really nice and fits in this small space (you’ll see that later in the post) but I moved it out of my bathroom (which I’ll also explain below).

On top of the storage unit, I store the absolute basics I need to prep my skin in the morning and before bed (eye makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer, etc) in a little dollar bin basket just so it’s easily within my reach. You can see what I store in the top three drawers above. The first drawer is mostly foundations, powders, and primers. The second drawer is eyeshadow palettes, under eye concealers, and brow products. The third drawer has become kind of an overflow of the second drawer with more eye products, eyeliners, mascaras, palettes, etc. 

The fourth drawer is all blush and highlighter. This drawer is currently so full I can just barely shut it, so I know I need to move some of it out to my hallway storage (I’ll show you that later too!) Drawer five is all lippies that I’m currently using. The bottom drawer is all of my in season skincare. I rotate this drawer in and out of the basket on top depending on what I’m using this second. Usually the products I’m testing are in the basket as a reminder to actually use them. Out of sight out of mind, so I have to keep them in my face. 

Below my sink I am able to store just a little bit of stuff. On the left is some backup toilet paper, paper towel, and cleaning supplies for my tub and toilet. On right right is all of my body care products. I’ve got a couple skincare products floating around in there too, but the bin is about 90% body lotion and body wash. There are some cotton balls and tooth whitening products underneath here too.

This is the part that makes me really sad because I used to get ready in a bathroom with a double sink and I had INSANE bathroom drawers. They were super duper wide and deep and I could store a TON of stuff in them. These ones are little baby drawers and they get jammed really easily. Such is life. The top drawer in my bathroom is toothpaste, bobby pins, hair ties, plugins for my Clarisonic Mia 2 and Clarisonic Opal, glasses case, electric toothbrush case, etc. The middle drawer is a bunch of hair supplies that I use on a regular basis. I’ve got a ton of hair care as you’ll see in my hallway storage below, but on a daily basis I use only a handful of stuff. The bottom drawer contains my heat tools. It’s not my favorite way to store these, but it works.
Two apartments ago, my husband created a storage system on the side of our over-the-toilet-storage thing…he screwed some hooks into the side and created cord hangers for my heat tools, and I was able to hang them/put them away without worrying about anything getting too hot in a drawer. Now, I have to let something cool off on our tiny counter top before putting it away. Fail!

This is a mini breakdown of my beauty corner. We live in an apartment that has kind of wacky places to store things. Beyond our office area, we have a hallway that just extends and drops off into a dead end. It’s a really dumb little nook and I wish they had just extended our office, but such is life. I use it to store all of my stuff that doesn’t fit into my bathroom. This is the cleanest it has been in ages. The space between my jewelry box and my Ikea Alex storage unit is where I keep all the stuff I just got in the mail to review that hasn’t yet been photographed or made it into my bathroom.

In the picture above, I’ve detailed basically what is in every drawer. I know a lot of the items listed above were also shown in the eDiva in my bathroom, but the items I store HERE are mostly out of season stuff or extras. Foundation that doesn’t match me right now, my million little moisturizer samples from gift with purchases, etc. This is the Ikea Alex. I really hesitated to buy this system because for $119 you are really only getting wood particleboard. I unfortunately don’t live anywhere near an Ikea store, so I ended up getting it from Bluekeydeals on Amazon and paid over $200 with shipping. I really needed something to store all of my products that took up minimal floor space.
I hemmed and hawed over this purchase for a couple months and searched every local store, looked everywhere online, priced out gas to drive to Ikea, and in the end just sprung for having it shipped. It arrived slightly damaged on the top drawer and they offered to refund me $30 or send me a new drawer and I opted for a new drawer. It was a complete pain to put together but I am pretty happy with it all in all.
I eventually hope to replace it with the Pier 1 Hayworth lingerie chest, but for $500 I am holding off for a while. In my rich future fantasy life, I own everything from the Hayworth collection. I think it is absolutely gorgeous and chic in every way, but very expensive for my current budget. 

This is my “beauty hallway.” Sorry for the annoying wood beam that blocks the camera on the left side, but to take this picture I was halfway down my staircase. This is a truly awkward little area but I wanted to capture my vanity, the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX, and my little nightstand. 
The blue vanity is a vintage vanity/desk that I purchased on Craigslist when we moved into our place. I bought it for $100. It’s painted with Anne Sloan chalkboard paint. The little stool I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $25. When I bought this vanity I had intended to get ready while sitting at it (what you can’t see is the mirror hanging above) but I haven’t done that yet. I don’t get the greatest lighting here so I still get ready in the bathroom. 
On the right, the black nightstand is a really junky particleboard nightstand I got for free when the people whose kids I used to babysit were getting rid of old furniture. We painted these with like five coats of glossy black paint and now I absolutely love the way they look. The other one of the set is in our bedroom. They won’t hold together forever because they’re not made of quality materials, but they suit our purposes fine for right now. Inside the top drawer I keep packaging materials like bubble wrap, and the bottom drawer contains products I’m going to hand off to friends and family at some point. I try to get a bunch together at once before shipping it off or passing it along. 
This is a better picture of what I’m storing in my vanity. The left side has two drawers. In the top drawer I store odds and ends like fake eyelashes, contacts, teeth whitening stuff, etc. The bottom drawer holds more odds and ends that I don’t know what to do with. The middle of the vanity is currently storing all of my perfumes on a vintage mirrored perfume tray. The right side drawers are holding all my tiny little perfume vial samples on top and all my pregnancy skincare on the bottom (stretch mark cream, belly oils, etc). 
Remember the other clear cube container? I’m going to show you more pictures of this beauty.
Once again, this is the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX. I had originally stored this in my bathroom, and it fit there beautifully, but I moved it into the hallway after a few months. I enjoy the top being open and allowing me to store ALL of my hair products but it was overwhelming me in the morning to have too many options for my hair and it was really tall like a tower when all my hair products were stacked in there. First world problems.
This is a really gorgeous storage container. Like the eDiva, it’s not a cheap deal, and you will likely salivate while looking at reviews of these for a couple months before pouncing on your very own. But when you open the box, it’s like Christmas morning. I can think of nothing I love better than having an excuse to search through and organize all my makeup!
This is what I store inside of my Sherrieblossom ICEbOX. Like I said earlier, I store all of my hair products on top. If I didn’t want to store tall things, I could use this as an extra place to store makeup as the top folds down. The top drawer stores all of my individual eye shadows and primers. The second drawer is blushes and highlighters. The third drawer is all of my lip products and eyeliners. There is a divider to separate them.
The fourth drawer is foundations, bronzers and the like. I know I said I had backups of those in the Ikea Alex but these are sheerer formulas that tend to work on me regardless of the season. The very bottom drawer is where I am storing the inserts I’m not using and a few odds and ends that weren’t fitting in the other drawers.
And there you have it…my makeup storage/organization. I know it’s a lot, but believe it or not I have many friends (mostly bloggers) who have more than I have. I’ve always got a goodie bag or 10 to give out to friends and their kids full of stuff I’m not using, and I just did a major downsize around Christmas time where I donated half of my perfume collection. So believe me, nothing is going to waste! And if we ever move out of this apartment, I’ll probably get rid of a ton more stuff. I really hate moving things that I don’t have to!
I hope this has given you an idea or two how to utilize your space or what you might want to purchase when deciding how you want to store your stuff. When deciding if the eDiva or Sherrieblossom ICEbOX might be worth the large price tag, I do have a few tips to keep in mind. Consider how many times you have changed your storage containers over the years because you’ve been unhappy with them or grown out of them. You’ve probably spent a couple hundred dollars cycling through storage you’re not happy with over the years. Consider the quality of the materials and the lasting lifespan of a great piece of acrylic like one of these versus something you would buy at Target. Trust me there is no comparison! And consider whether it’s something you consider to be beautiful and would be proud to display at home. I’ve always hated storing carts with beauty products on them and my collection doesn’t take long to outgrow something like that. Also remember Craigslist and places like Ikea are great places to shop for storage solutions!
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