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Today I’m here with my February Birchbox! I don’t quite know if this was worth my $10 this month, but I’m still pretty happy with the products I got. 


I was super excited to see a decent sized sample of Dr. Brandt Pores No More. I’ve been trying to narrow down my favorite primer lately and I’m excited to add this to the mix. I am so glad it wasn’t in a foil packet so I can actually get some good mileage out of it! 


The Ruby Wing nail polish in Kitten Heels is actually a color changing nail polish. I haven’t tried it just yet, but it’s supposed to go from a hot pink to a dark plum shade when you go outside. You can even wear a top coat and it won’t mess with the color changing abilities.
Beauty Protector Protect and Oil smells super yummy and made my hair so soft. I’m cutting myself off from using up the bottle because it’s the perfect travel size. I think this size of sample would last me for about two weeks while traveling so I fully intend to save it for our next trip home! 


I misread the packaging on the 32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Treatment and thought it was bath salts in individually wrapped packages. Bath salts would’ve been essentially worthless to me, but I would’ve probably used them when my daughter was in the bath. Now I’m just glad I didn’t waste them because of my shoddy reading skills. These look so delicious and supposed to not only mask bad breath, but kill the odor causing bacteria. I currently wear braces, so I can’t chew gum and usually go with mints. These sound like the perfect solution for me. If I love them, I fully intend to order! 
I do an eye roll every time I see a different version of Juicy perfume in my Birchbox. Every month I get a different variation of it. I actually love Juicy perfume, but ‘cmon! Every month? This month’s sample was Juicy Couture Couture La La Malibu and I actually love it. I’m totally picking up on the mandarin orange notes the most. I’ll skip buying this full sized because I have a sneaky little trick. I have a bottle of the regular Juicy Couture scent, but if I want to add a little something different to it, I’ll supplement it with a dash of a fruity body spray. I think The Body Shop Mango or Vineyard Peach would smell delightful mixed in with the plain version, and come darn close to Couture La La Malibu! 
If you feel like signing up, check out my link which is an affiliate link…meaning if you sign up through it, I will get Birchbox points which I can redeem for products in the Birchbox shop. I would be so grateful! P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I don’t always “review” the actual products found in my box. This is the one thing I get in the mail that’s just for me every month and there’s no obligation or expectation to review it. I love sharing the contents of my box and taking a peek at everyone else’s box but keeping my post as a show and tell and not a review keeps it more fun for me!
Now for a little housekeeping. I changed a few things up on my blog over the weekend. I cleaned up some of my topics, because if something isn’t being written about regularly, what’s the point in having a whole separate tab for it? Now it says: beauty, style, food, kids, my life
I will continue to have about 80% of my blog posts be about beauty, but I am going to branch off a little more than I have been and write about my life happenings, my daughter and what she’s up to, and food stuff. Up to this point, I’ve been trying to keep things mostly beauty on this blog, but there’s no denying I’m a mom and it takes up a majority of my life. I’ve hesitated what to share about her because she’s so little and doesn’t have a say in whether I’m oversharing or not. I’m not going to post about my family enough to qualify as a mom blogger, but I’d like to share some of the products that are working for her, and maybe my experiences with nursing. Stuff I think other moms might be interested in! 
In order to keep some semblance of order around here, I think I’ll make Wednesday my “kids” day and if I have nothing to say about being a mom I’ll share something from “my life,” which would encompass hobbies, goals, saving money, and other interesting stuff. If I have nothing to share from either of those categories, maybe something beauty. But anyways, you’ll know to avoid my blog on Wednesdays if you’re not interested in that kind of thing or at least you’ll know what to expect and it might break up the monotony of the week of beauty posts for you a little bit!
Fridays have become my “Foodie Friday” link up day. I’ve been sharing a recipe the last couple Fridays on my blog and linking to other bloggers who have been doing the same. Some Fridays I may publish a beauty post as well. It depends on how busy I am! 
Lastly, I have struggled with finding an outlet online to chat with fellow lifestyle bloggers- exchanging tips and useful information, organizing giveaways, and helping promote one another’s posts. I have such an outlet in the beauty community and it’s been invaluable to me in growing my blog. Since I haven’t been able to find just what I’m looking for in the lifestyle niche, I decided to create my own little “network.” If you’re interested in joining the Lifestyle Blogging Network read about it and fill out an application to be accepted to our private Facebook page. If you just want to read everyone’s posts, enter the giveaways, etc. join our public Facebook page so you can follow us! We don’t have many fans yet, but hopefully that will change with time. 
Thanks as always for your support. See you tomorrow! 

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