My hands have been so dry lately! I’ve been doing everything I can to keep them moisturized so I rounded up the best of the best that I could find to share what has been working for me. Seven hand creams may seem a little excessive, but once you account for the fact that one’s in my purse, one’s in my car, I’ve got one by each sink, and by my bed….it seems a little more reasonable! 

Wei East China Herbal Age Delay Hand & Body Perfection goes on really thinly and absorbs immediately. It’s really light and has a fresh scent almost like rain. It’s perfect for when you need some moisture, but you need to use your hands for stuff too, so they can’t be all greasy! 

Essence of Beauty Shea Indulgence Body Lotion is available at CVS. This contains so many good for you ingredients- shea butter, macadamia nut and avocado oil, and the soothing scents of exotic tiare flower, silky shea butter and coconut milk, and warm, creamy vanilla. Applying this makes my skin feel super soft. It absorbs pretty quickly and seems to leave a bit of a coat to my hands for awhile, almost like it’s locking the moisture in. The scent is pretty mild and rather than picking up on the main ingredients, I’m getting mostly shea. It’s a nice lotion at a nice price point too! 
Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Hand Créme has been a favorite around our household. In fact, when I went to gather the items for this picture, I couldn’t find this right away because my husband had it. It contains grape and olive oils for moisture, and has a very fresh and luxurious scent. It’s hard to describe, but the fig scent isn’t super fruity. It’s kind of complex, light, and fresh all at the same time. One of my favorites!
The Body Shop Hemp Hand Oil stays by my bedside and there’s a reason! I put a few drops of oil on my dry hands, and seal it in with some lotion, and my dry hands are a thing of the past overnight. This provides 24 hour hydration and it works like none other. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream is also really nice, but I absolutely hate the packaging so it didn’t make my list. It’s in a metal tube that gets all crinkly and starts leaking if it gets banged up enough. As much as I hate the packaging, these two together really are something special. But the hemp hand oil on it’s own is pretty effective as well! 
Dream Cream by LUSH is something you absolutely have to try! Since it’s in a huge tub, it’s not all that portable, but I keep it in my bathroom to dig into after showers and after I wash my hands. It is one of the most moisturizing formulas you’ll ever find. It’s a super light formula with no detectable scent too so it’s great for sensitive skin.
Skinfix Body Repair Balm is a new product to me but I’m loving the line (my daughter is getting great results right now from their diaper rash cream) and it’s perfect for ultra sensitive skin. It treats eczema, dryness, and dermatitis. I have semi sensitive skin, but it’s not THAT sensitive. I’d be curious how this would work on friends of mine who have really bad skin issues. I think it would be perfect! It doesn’t have a detectable scent and really gets rid of the itchy dry skin. My wedding ring just left a rash-like welt on my hand this week, and after applying this lotion once, the rash is almost completely gone. The texture is almost like a soft clay but absorbs pretty quickly.
Lastly, I’m loving Curél Hand & Cuticle Therapy. This is the one I am most commonly lugging around in my purse because it’s inexpensive and effective. I apply this a ton during the day which is easy when I keep it on me- at stoplights, while I’m walking the mall, while I’m grocery shopping, etc. If I stay on top of my hand lotion routine, it really helps my hands heal up faster. For the price and quality, you can’t beat this. We use a lot of Curél around here. The Anti-Itch formula gets a lot of love from everyone in our house and it’s perfect for dry legs after shaving too! 
Hopefully this post has helped you pick out the best choice for your needs! What are you using on your hands this winter? 

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