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Zoya is having a sale on their beautiful nude polishes right now and I cringed because I’m on a no buy and then I suddenly started craving a manicure. I don’t paint my nails very often, but when I do I usually go for a nude shade. I just love the look of shiny, slightly sheer, slightly pink nails. They look healthy and feminine to me. 

My nails are looking a little haggard right now as they usually do in the winter, so before jumping into a manicure, I needed to do some maintenance. I’m far from an expert on the topic, but a few products always work for me so I thought I would share! 

I always start with a hand lotion. Votre Vu’s Duette Luxe Lip Balm and Hand Créme has been just what the doctor ordered this winter. The hand cream sinks in instantly upon application and moisturizes without being greasy at all, which is perfect for when I want to paint my nails. How else would I unscrew the cap to each polish? There is also a coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax lip balm in the lid as well as a mirror. How handy is that? I love products that serve multiple functions. 

Applying Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover would be the next step. I had heard so many great things about this that I just needed to pick it up. I love that it’s a drugstore product.  Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler from Sally’s Beauty Supply is also really inexpensive and works really well as a base coat for me. I’m not totally sure it’s meant to be a base coat, but I don’t like applying too many things to my nails at once, and I need my ridges filled in if I want a nice application. This product works like a charm. Next, I like to apply Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil. I find that applying a cuticle oil helps me with cleanup after I’m done!
Bubble Bath by OPI is a wonderful shade if you’re into pale pink nudes. This is probably my absolute favorite shade and my most worn color in my collection. I’m not the greatest nail artist so I usually do three coats if two is looking streaky. To finish up, I apply Seche Vite, the best top coat I’ve ever found. My nails dry rock solid and super shiny!
The most important steps to follow are the hand lotion and the cuticle oil. If you’re not painting your fingernails, the other steps could be skipped. But in the winter, you need the hydration and protection from hangnails!
Come find me on Instagram to see the finished manicure!

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