I’ve always been so glad I am female because I was born a product junkie. Not to say that guys can’t be really into products, but there is just so much less variety out there for males compared to what’s out there for females! My husband is very low maintenance, but from time to time he does like to mix things up a bit. I asked him a couple things he does to switch up his routine when the seasons change and this is what he reported back!
Changing scents is a big one. Mike has several he likes to rotate between including Nautica Voyage, Nautica Aqua Rush Gold, Guess Seductive, and most recently, Guess Night Cologne. When he picks a scent he likes, he sticks with it, or finds another variation on it. Guess Night is really similar to so many other fragrances by Guess. This particular variation is supposed to be inspired by confidence that really “owns it” and adrenaline created by the excitement and adventure of the night life. 

Top notes: Hot pepper, Grapefruit, ElemiMiddle notes: Cedarwood, Geranium Fruit, VetiverDry down: Black Vanilla, Patchouli, Labdanum

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Beyond changing his signature scent, he told me a great way to make a quick change is adding or removing hair from your head or your face! Having your hairstylist take a little more off the top can completely change up your look, and growing your hair a little longer than usual can have the same effect. Growing hair takes a little bit longer to change than simply cutting it, but only a matter of weeks! Also, shaving off a beard or growing one can change your whole look around.
Those were the main changes he suggested, but I have a couple other ideas for sprucing up the same old routine:

  • Spring cleaning the closet- throwing out old and pitted out tshirts and swapping them for a few new tshirts in bright colors.
  • Changing up the skincare routine to accommodate for changes in temperature and outdoor elements- SPF in the moisturizer for summer and something a little more hydrating for the winter.
  • Those who normally wear contacts could switch to glasses for a while, or vice versa!
  • Hit up the gym for some extra energy and some new muscles to go with those new tshirts.

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