I had a bunch of posts planned for this week, and my pure exhaustion combined with my recent obsession with Breaking Bad has gotten in the way of me posting consistently this week. Luckily, I’m almost finished with Breaking Bad (don’t spoil it for me, please!) and I’m caught up on sleep, so I’m back into the swing of things.

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My obsession lately is keeping my skin hydrated. I’m a Wisconsinite, and in case you hadn’t heard they have been in the middle of a “polar vortex” for the past several weeks. It seems like they have a couple days of -40 degree weather, followed by a couple days of 20 degree weather, and then back to the negatives. It’s not nearly so cold where I am residing now, in Washington state, but old habits die hard, and when winter hits, I hold on tight and gather as many moisturizing products as I can get my hands on. One of the product lines I’ve been really into lately is LUSH. They have everything you need if you are in the middle of a cold spell!

Dream Cream is LUSH’s number one best selling product of all time. Oat milk calms, lavender and chamomile care for irritations, reduce redness, and banish blotches. Olive oil and cocoa butter help heal dry and chapped skin. 

When you try this, it’s not hard to understand why it is their best seller! It is super light weight, has hardly any detectable scent, absorbs into the skin immediately, and lasts forever. When I say lasts forever, I mean that in a few different ways. Upon application, the texture of your skin will improve for hours, and because you only need a small amount, the tub will last forever as well!

I love this for many reasons, but one of my favorites is because I trust LUSH enough to use on everyone in the family, including my one year old. I hate applying something on myself only to get out something else when I need to moisturize my daughter’s skin. It really makes you think too…if you are using something on yourself that you can’t use on your child…why are you using it on yourself to begin with?!
Ultrabalm is an all-purpose balm made only with plant waxes. There is no petroleum jelly or mineral oil in this formula at all. The ONLY three ingredients are candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil, and rose wax. This can be applied on chapped lips, dry patches, scrapes, flyaway hairs, and more. 
If used as a lip balm, this would probably last you far beyond the expiration date. A grain of sand amount is plenty to cover your lips and the hydration lasts for hours. My favorite way to use this is on dry patches though, not on my lips because I don’t love how slick it feels on my lips. The dry patches on my hands suck this right up like the moisture drink that it is. If I had dry patches on my face right now I would be slathering this on them. It works like a charm!

Do you like conditioner for your hair? How about conditioner for your body. That is exactly what Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is meant for! This is probably my absolute favorite product for keeping my skin hydrated. It contains cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and Argan oils, and the fresh scent of rose petals. It is meant to be applied after sudsing up- simply apply the body conditioner, rinse, pat dry, and done.

This stuff is so nice. Not only does it smell nice, but it is so soooo luxurious and soft. Oh my goodness. A little goes a super long way for me in the shower, as an FYI. When I use it as indicated, I don’t have the need to put body lotion on following my shower. Trust me…take a shower where you shave your legs, and apply this right afterwards. The experience is nothing short of heaven. 
The Olive Branch is a mandarin shower gel with skin softening olive oil. Before using it, give it a shake to mix up the organic olive oil with the rest of the body wash. This also contains antioxidants, an infusion of vine leaves, sea salt, and fresh mandarin juice.
I think this is such a unique body wash in that you shake it up. I’ve never seen anything that works quite like this! I was expecting the body wash to come out thick because of the way the olive oil looked kind of solid in the top of the bottle. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It is very liquidy and lathers like a dream. The scent is light and very pleasant. It immediately made my skin feel super soft, but I think you could amp up the results even further if you apply Ro’s Argan Body Condition right after!

Ultrabland is a non irritating beeswax facial cleanser. This is another of LUSH’s most popular products. It contains a thick, rich emulsion of essential oils, honey and beeswax and can be used to take off makeup.

Reviewing this product came at a really convenient time for me because I had just run out of cotton balls to remove my eye makeup with. I used this instead and was blown away by the results. My mascara and eye makeup are usually difficult to remove, but with a thin coat of Ultrabland rubbed around my eye area, I was able to quickly remove my makeup. I wasn’t even left with raccoon eyes! The soothing rosewater and iris flower extract are likely the reason my skin was left feeling so soft, smooth, and supple. 
If you need something for acne, I could see this product being too thick for use over the entire face, or maybe follow with some toner. I really loved this for the sole purpose of removing makeup, though! 
The tin here is for sale separately, and I just wanted to point that out first. Inside are where the goods are at though! Full of Grace is a preservative-free moisturizing bar. It’s a solid serum packed with hydrating tropical butters, calming chamomile and antioxidant mushroom extract to keep skin in fantastic condition. It is very easily absorbed by the skin and is to be used to help maintain skin’s elasticity, moisture, and glow.

I’m so glad I learned of the tins, because any time I have ever shopped at LUSH, I’ve left with  my product in a paper bag. This makes my life much easier. Especially with a lot of waxes and oils in their products, you don’t want to leave them out somewhere where they could melt into a pile, so putting them in a container in a dimly lit room would be the best answer.

Full of Grace feels so nourishing and moisturizing on my skin. I have been using it after cleansing with Ultrabland, and it is truly a skin drink that I have been looking forward to at night before bed. I haven’t used this under makeup because I’m worried that my makeup would slide around a little bit. I say that because it leaves my skin a little shiny for a few minutes while it’s absorbing. This is a great serum that I’ve loved using, and in fact I’ve been using it as a stand alone product and haven’t felt the need for a facial moisturizer on top.

LUSH recommends using this and then applying one of their fresh masks over top to intensify the effect. This is such a revolutionary idea and I have never thought about it! I can’t wait to try using Full of Grace that way next.

Have you tried any LUSH products? Tell me your favorite in the comments below! 

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