January is just a tough month for me. I am from Wisconsin, and usually winter is bitterly, biting cold until April. At that point, there is an extremely short Spring season of just a couple weeks before summer arrives in full force. It really hasn’t gotten that cold where I live, but for 25 years of my life I’ve been used to the holidays coming and going, and winter lingering for four more months. There is nothing to look forward to for a long time. No more holidays (unless you count Valentine’s Day) for many months. Just cold weather, snow, and arctic temperatures. No wonder so many people get seasonal affective disorder in the cold months!

That said, I’ve been trying to fill up my days. It’s easy to get cooped up in the house and not really desire to bundle up and brave the elements just to go walk the mall or something silly. I leave the house on an as-needed basis lately! Although it’s not THAT cold out, I’m a total baby about it anyway and I am boycotting the whole season. I’m focusing on leading a fuller life lately and finding more meaning in every day things. Here are five things we did, vowed to do, or thought about this week at our house…


We needed a change of pace this week so I took my daughter to the Children’s Museum. It was an amazing time. She is so creative and smart, even at 15 months old. We need to get a membership here at some point. I had fun, and she had so much fun she was squealing the whole time. When we left to go home, she crashed for a longer than normal nap, and later she slept like a rock through the entire night as well. Winning all around. 


 Sometimes I feel like a failure. I wonder if I’m doing it all wrong. Am I good mom? Do I yell too much? Do I spend too much time on my phone when my daughter wants to play? Am I a good communicator with my husband? With my family? My friends? I’m so conflicted. I read this blog article tonight, and I felt like it was written exactly for me. I love when I read something and it feels like a gift the universe gave me…exactly what I needed to know all wrapped up in a beautiful article with a bow on top. 


 We have big financial goals this year. We are pretty big fans of Dave Ramsey and have been working at getting out of debt completely since 2010. It is such an extremely long and painful journey getting out of debt. I wrote a post on how I got out of debt last summer if you’re curious…it says part one, but I never got around to writing part two because we still have debt! I kind of feel like a phony writing about how I got out of debt when I still have student loans to pay off, but I am pretty proud that we no longer have credit cards out. That counts for something, right??

In a perfect world, we would have NO debt. I long for the day when we buy a house and that’s our only loan payment. That is such a distant dream but thinking about my future financial freedom is the only thing that keeps me going most of the time.  

In order to even come close to meeting our financial goals, we have to majorly overhaul our lifestyle once again. We seem to do a little cleanup maintenance every couple months when we realize we have been out to eat too many times, spending too much on groceries, coffee drive thru, makeup, and other fun things. I know I can do better, and I know I can get by with less of everything. We have so many “things” but we need to focus more on the blessings in our lives and less on “stuff” and I think we will be happier and save more this year. Wish us luck, and let me know if you want to see a part two…I will happily offer more information on how we got where we are. Bonus if YOU have tips for ME….leave ’em in the comments, please!

I loved this movie with every ounce of my being. This is such a feel good movie and was so funny. Melissa McCarthy kills it and she is in every good movie lately! I highly recommend checking out Identity Theft if you’re looking for some cheap entertainment this weekend in the form of a Redbox Rental. Melissa reminds me of a friend from home whom I miss dearly…the kind that just makes you bust a gut laughing every time you see them. Funny movies are by far my favorite genre. 


My husband and I reinstated our “free nights” this week. One night a week he goes to a local gaming store and nerds out for the night, and once a week I go to Barnes & Noble and chill. Sometimes I blog, sometimes I read. I just LOVE the silence. I crave it all week, and cherish the time I get to spend alone. Tonight I ate a cookie and drank a venti hot tea (in the evening, and it was caffeinated, woops!) and had too much on my mind so I couldn’t focus to blog…but it felt good to have some time alone.

What have you been up to this week? I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

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