I thought it would be fun to mix it up a little bit, and today I’m going to be sharing with you 12 things you didn’t know about me! 12 random, fun facts, and I bet you didn’t know them even if you’ve been following my blog since the beginning. I’d love if you would share 12 things with me in the comments below!

12 things!

1. Despite having nearly perfect teeth, I wear braces! I’m on the tail end of wearing them- I had the 8-10 month plan- and I’m so excited to be done with them. My top row of teeth had a little spacing, and my bottom row was a little crowded. Nobody could tell besides me, but I’m a perfectionist, and it was something I wanted done.

2. I have terrible luck. My first engagement ring fell apart 3-4 times, and finally I had to return it and bought a completely different type of ring. The new ring was sturdy, but still had a few diamonds fall out and the center stone come loose. Finally, after 2 years I haven’t had any issues. But I always say, if anyone’s going to get the “lemon” of a product it will be me! 

3. I’m a very sentimental person. I save all my greeting cards and Christmas cards that I get in the mail. This drives my husband crazy. Usually for special occasions, he will go through my card stash and use a permanent marker to cross off the last message written on a card, and regift the card to me, just to prove to me how ridiculous it is to save them!

4. I only like odd numbers, aside from the number 12. When I met my husband and found out his birthday was May 12th, I was so excited, because 12 is actually my favorite number! That’s why one of the topics on my site is called 12 things. 12 is such a feel good number for me!

5. My favorite color is purple. It always has been and always will be. I look good in purple, and it has always matched my brown eyes. I am drawn to purple eyeshadows and purple everything. Although that’s my favorite color, most of my wardrobe is black and gray. But I always jazz my outfits up with a purple scarf, necklace, earrings, or makeup! 

6. My daughter’s name is Jocelyn, and I had the hardest time picking it out and keeping it a secret! We lied to our family and friends for the last 4 months of my pregnancy after we settled on her name and said we had no clue what we would name her. I knew if I let on to anyone that I had the name picked out, they would somehow pester it out of me. I hate keeping secrets, unless they are super important to keep. I CAN keep a secret, I just don’t like to.

7. I function best when I am extremely busy. I have a hard time focusing on a task, unless it’s imperative that I get it done in a small amount of time. When it’s crunch time, I work like a rockstar to meet the deadline and kick its butt. When I have a ton of time to complete something, I don’t always use my time wisely.

8. I have played the saxophone and the piano for most of my life. I was able to maintain the first chair in our top ensemble in college for a few years in a row during college. That has always been one of my greatest achievements in my life! I was a music education major in college and it was very cutthroat, so maintaining a high chair placement was not an easy task, but one that I’m very proud of. 

9. I have often wondered if I have a sleeping disorder, because I have a very hard time falling asleep at night and a very hard time waking up in the morning. I have tried everything, but much to my disdain, I’m a night owl and nothing will change that. I thought as I got older and especially after having a child, waking up early would come easier, but that has not been the case. A friend of mine has the same problem, and I think there’s an actual name for it- Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. As a result of this, I am often found blogging between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am. I wonder how many other bloggers took up the hobby because of their issues with sleep!

10. I’m not a violent person, but once I got punched in the face! I was trying to prevent a fight from starting and a little punk punched me. I have a tiny scar under my eye from where her ring snagged me. 

11. My dog Ruckus narrowly escaped death last year. He had a rare and malignant mast cell tumor in his eyelid. After thinking long and hard about it, we decided not to operate on it, but we had a difficult time with our decision. I had just given birth to Jocelyn and the prognosis didn’t sound too good for Ruckus. My aunt decided to go into a casino with a couple bucks and decided that whatever she won, she would put towards helping Ruckus. She ended up winning $500! It was amazing and we were able to give him the surgery he needed to get better. In the end, there were complications and we ended up having to do several more surgeries which were very expensive, but I don’t regret it. I love my dog and I’m so happy he’s alive, even if he’s down an eye! 

12. I am a coffee person, through and through. I am non functioning before my cup of coffee for the day. In fact, I’m about to go get a K-cup brewing right now. 

If you feel so inclined, leave me 12 facts about yourself in the comments! 

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