I just can’t believe it’s going to be the New Year! Wow. 2013 was a great year in so many ways for my family. In other ways, I’m glad to see it go. I’m looking forward to a New Year and a fresh start. Although so many people wait until January 1st to make big changes in their lifestyle, I always find comfort in the fact that every morning is a chance at a fresh new beginning. 
My husband and I talked today about what we did last year for New Year’s Eve and we couldn’t even remember! Last year we were traveling on December 30th back to Washington after being in Wisconsin for the holidays. I am almost certain we stayed home but it has completely slipped my mind what we were up to. This year, we are planning on having some friends over from out of town. We are really looking forward to unwinding and spending time with Jocelyn and their son, Josh. I love having “easy company,” and in this case it’s easy because they’re great friends and our daughter is so entertained by their son, that I’ll just get to kick back and relax for once, lol!
So many people post about what they’re going to wear or New Year’s Eve makeup tutorials but I’m not going to do that this year. The name of the game this year for me will be relaxation. I just want to sit back and eat our finger food munchies, play a little Cards Against Humanity (when the kids go to bed of course!), and watch the ball drop on TV. However, in the spirit of the new year and blogging, I want to share a couple of my New Year’s Eve must haves. They’re pretty low key!


I don’t often burn candles in our home, but when we have company I bring out the big guns and crack open a Bath & Body Works candle. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl is my jam this week. It is such a delicious scent and I can’t wait to burn it when we have guests! 
Since I know I’ll be tromping around barefoot with company, I’m going to have to paint my toenails. It’s seriously been way too long since I’ve done any polishing and I can’t wait to use Essie the Lace Is On. It’s the perfect pink toned purple shimmer and if you didn’t know, purple is my favorite color! I’ll also be using butter LONDON Stiletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm to repair my cracked feet. I love the way it works for daytime repair of the feet. My trusty minty foot balm is great for at night, but the scent can compete with other fragrances and I don’t want to overwhelm my guests.
We’re keeping it low key and don’t have plans to leave the house, but I will still use my L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Shimmering Oil, a slightly shimmery body oil that you can use on exposed skin for a little glimmer, or I like to use it on my legs when they’re covered too. It makes my skin feel very soft and pampered, even when it’s not being seen!
We more than doubled our heat bill this last month by cranking the fire place on every single day. I’m a little depressed about our $115 heat bill that I now have to pay, but the plus side is my hair won’t be so brittle anymore! Sitting next to the high heat has taken its toll on my hair so I am using It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product to try and bring it back to life. The only other beauty products I intend to use are my Kanebo Sensai lipstick in Utsuroikiku, a luxurious coral lip shade that will be the perfect pop of color with my otherwise all black sweater, and my Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer Ink that I bought at Nordstrom the other day. Trying to keep it low key, but I still want to feel special so I’m glad I’ve planned out a few key items.

 I almost forgot to mention, I got this beautiful new necklace from my husband for Christmas this year. It’s from my new favorite store, Bohme. They’re not paying me to promote them or anything, I just really love the store! They had everything at 40% the week before Christmas and I dropped some major hints that I wanted some jewelry. He ended up picking out this necklace that I had never seen before, but love, and another one that matches exactly some earrings I purchased there a few months ago. I thought it was so thoughtful that he was able to pick me out some things I loved without any help.

Over the past few months I’ve been posting here A LOT. I really did a lot of holiday reviews and posted nearly every day in December. I became very overwhelmed with all the “stuff” I had after my reviews were written, and after donating 17 bottles of perfume and mailing home a couple 20 pound packages full of goodies to my family, I decided I’m going to shift the way I do things around here. In the new year, I’ll still be doing beauty related posts, but less reviews and more useful tips. I had previously been reviewing 10 or more packages of beauty products a week, and I just can’t, and won’t keep up with that pace anymore. I enjoy writing beauty product reviews so I still plan to do them, but only for products that I’m really excited about…not for everything that crosses my beauty desk.

After looking over my most popular posts of the year, most of them are for articles on useful beauty tips. For example, my DIY CC Cream post was a big hit, and I plan on doing more posts like that in the future. I also have a lot of recipes to share (including what we’re eating tonight!) some useful baby tips (like how to get your baby’s pajamas to last longer) and just general lifestyle posts. I got a Canon 60D for Christmas this year so I’m going to be focusing on my photography skills as well- for this blog and on people for practice to build a portfolio. I’m excited to have a new fun hobby to work on!

I hope you have a good New Year’s Eve. In case you’re wondering, my resolution is to drink more water. I think it’s going to be a challenge, but a great step in the right direction for my health, my skin, and overall. I haven’t been drinking nearly enough water lately but I am looking forward to feeling great!

Happy New Year! 


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