Doing some last minute Christmas shopping for yourself or someone else? May I suggest Tarte’s Gorgeous Getaways Palette set? 

This luxe box retails at $48, and has so much goodness inside! There are four eyeshadow quads complete with a matching blush for each quad. All quads have earthy tones that range from neutral to kind of vibrant. There’s nothing too crazy bright in here, but everything is really pigmented. Tarte is very wearable for every day, and these colors are all gorgeous. 
The bottom section lifts out to reveal a mini gold compact in the shape of a bow, and three lip glosses. I had a hard time getting the gold compact to stay in the lower compartment without jamming, but I had good luck when I stored it upside down!

The gold compact is small and sleek and would be really easy to carry around. The only problem is I would be worried about taking it in an overnight bag because it would be likely to flop open. It’s absolutely cute as can be if you keep it in your bathroom though! 

There are three lip glosses and they are full sized.
When in Rome, New York Minute, Czech Me Out
It’s so easy to get the eyeshadow and blush palettes into this compact. You simply lift them by the side of their ribbon, and place them into the palette. I love that there is a large mirror in the compact as well. 
Among the things I like about Tarte, one of my favorites is that they regularly include a coordinating blush shade in with their eyeshadow. It completely takes the guess work out of getting ready. Not to mention, have you ever applied a blush shade after applying eyeshadow and thought…oops! I should’ve gone with a slightly different hue, because it doesn’t match! You’ll never have that problem with Tarte, because they make the choice for you! 

Clockwise from upper left: Serengeti sand, Buckingham Palace, Bordeaux, Rocky Mountains. Blush: ambitious

Clockwise from upper left: Santorini bikini, Great Sphynx, Belgian chocolate, Pacific sunset
Blush: spontaneous

Clockwise from upper left: Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Central park, Big Ben
Blush: savvy 
Clockwise from upper left: Gold Coast, Eiffel Tower, Midnight in Paris, Space Needle
Blush: lighthearted
The last set below is the one I am wearing in the picture! I applied Gold Coast and Space Needle to my lid, and Midnight in Paris to the crease. I’m wearing the lighthearted blush, and New York Minute lip gloss. I love the soft and natural look I’m able to achieve when wearing Tarte! 
Have you picked up this or any other Tarte gift sets for the holidays? They had some gorgeous gift sets this winter! 

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