I’ve been obsessed with Shiseido products lately, namely their Sheer and Perfect foundation, so I was not surprised when Shiseido’s IBUKI line was named as Allure’s 2013 Breakthrough Beauty Award winner. I totally dig the concept of the line, which is designed specifically for millennial women ages 25-34, and counteracts the negative effects that long nights at the office, lack of sleep, and an unbalanced diet can have on their skin. Allure describes the line’s effectiveness as “turning raisins back into grapes” and applauds its “novel approach” in maintaining cell’s optimal condition and counteracting the effects of the generation’s unpredictable lifestyle.
The new line includes eight products: a creamy Gentle Cleanser ($30), a Purifying Cleanser ($30) scrub, a Softening Concentrate ($24) for long-lasting moisture, Refining Moisturizer ($45) and the more intensive Refining Moisturizer Enriched ($45), a Protective Moisturizer SPF18 ($45), Eye Correcting Cream ($40), and a Starter Kit ($25) designed to last two weeks.

The claims this line has for women of my age are truly a dream. While I haven’t tried everything in the line, I’ve loved the Eye Correcting Cream, and the Purifying Cleanser. In the next weeks/months to come (once I’m done with holiday/time sensitive reviews) expect a few write ups on some of these stellar products. I’ve really been enjoying them. Like I said, it’s no surprise that they are getting acclaim from Allure right now. They surely win my vote!

Have I captured your interest yet? I’d love you to get an opportunity to try the Refining Moisturizer Enriched pictured above! I am in the process of reviewing it right now, and what with all the holiday items on my agenda, I’m not able to get a review up this second on it. What I can tell you it’s a very nice and THICK moisturizer and I do feel it softens my skin and therefore is a great pick for winter.

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