Shiseido’s a newer brand to me, but since I’ve tried some of their goodies, I’m in love, and I’ve been diving in full force. Their skincare and makeup are awesome, and now I’m trying their perfume. Shiseido’s Zen Gold limited edition perfume is no exception to the quality of the rest of the line! 

An evocative Floral Amber fragrance that unveils your true sensuality by wrapping you in a feeling of the most luxurious gold organza and silk. Inspired by Japanese rock gardens that have the power to open your mind and imagination to trust your senses. 

Floral and amber. I wouldn’t necessarily guess that’s what this fragrance is composed of at first sniff. It’s a light, mild fragrance that I think would be hard to overdo even if you sprayed it multiple times. It’s luxurious but it’s super light and I can hardly detect the scent on my skin. That’s what I love about it most. It’s not an obtrusive fragrance that’s in your face, and you don’t have to be careful not to spray too much when you apply it.

When I read the description, a few keywords really help me describe it. Sensual and silk are two words that really paint a picture of this fragrance. It’s sensual and soft, and like silk it’s light, smooth, and gentle.

It can hardly be detected once sprayed, but it’s almost like when clothes come fresh out of the dryer. They have such a soft and breezy quality about them.

Two things I notice about this perfume are the bottle and the application. It’s short and wide and takes up a bit of space on my vanity. Really, it doesn’t take up a LOT of space, but it’s a stout little thing and for being 1.7 oz they could’ve made it tall and skinny, but they made it short and wide. When I apply this, that’s when I feel zen. Rather than a small stream of perfume spritzing my arm, this comes out in a mist and it comes softly and slowly. I don’t spray a small patch of skin with this fragrance, I spray my whole arm in one spritz. It’s kind of awesome, and I really enjoy the experience of spraying this on because the application method seems so different than any other fragrance I own! 
Shiseido Zen Gold Elixir is limited edition and runs $68. Have you picked this up for yourself or for a gift? 

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