I participated in the Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange this year. What’s that you say? It’s a virtual gift exchange, where instead of trading REAL presents, we trade a share of someone’s blog. I thought it sounded super fun, and I was even more excited to participate, when I saw the blog I was in charge of promoting- SAHM Reviews.

Click her website to visit!

I am loving her website, which is always the first thing I envy about a fellow blogger. Clean and colorful is just the way I like it! She blogs about food, technology, recreation, travel, fashion, wellness, and more on her website. I was so excited to read about what Nicole, the founder and owner of SAHM Reviews was writing about…she covers so many more topics than I do on my blog! 

Her post about deciding where to stay in Disney World was a really captivating read to me. I’ve been to Disney twice, and I would love to bring my family there someday. After reading that there’s a social media moms conference there, I have renewed hope that I’ll make it out there again in the future! Of course I was excited to find her beauty tab hidden underneath the wellness header. I read all about her experiences with Lancome Dream Tone  which I’ve been really curious about, and I was inspired that she logged into MyFitnessPal 340 days in a row! Lastly, I was really intrigued by her toy tab, and I can’t wait to try using Koolaid to dye my daughter’s old stuffed animals! 

In true naughty list fashion, I have to confess I avoided housework for an hour as I got lost on her site this morning! I hope you will go show her some love and mention you read about her site here! I’m so inspired that she’s been blogging since 2007. That’s a long time! 

Check her out:

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