My husband, Mike, helped me review these MAN CAVE men’s grooming products. I had all the pictures on an SD card that got wiped, so please excuse the obvious wet marks on my pictures, as I had to pull them straight out of the shower for picture taking round #2. 

The Caffeine Shampoo‘s active ingredients are Caffeine, L-arginine, Shea Butter, Panthenol, and 12 Essential Oils. The different ingredients work together to soothe the scalp preventing irritation, dryness, and minimizing hair loss. 
($10.50 for 6.76 oz)

Mike’s main concerns with his hair are having an itchy scalp, dandruff, and having unruly hair. He loved the shampoo. His normal shampoo is Head & Shoulders, for the dandruff. Without even realizing that the Caffeine Shampoo gets rid of scalp irritation and dandruff, he commented that he has had no problems with those symptoms since using this. He liked the herbal, spicy scent of this shampoo better than his old standard. 

The Shower Gel‘s active ingredients are Cedarwood, L-arginine, Tea Tree and Black Pepper Oil. The combination of natural ingredients are supposed to result in an aromatherapeutic showering experience.  There is a deep forest fragrance, and deep cleansing action which is supposed to cleanser the body and restore and protect its natural oil barriers. 
($8.50 for 6.76 oz)

Mike said his main concern with body care is that he feels clean afterwards, and that the shower gel fragrance doesn’t compete with his cologne. He found that this shower gel didn’t lather as much as others so he had to use more than usual. Using a loofah, he applied half a dollar size to get this to work for me. It made him feel clean, and the scent didn’t linger. 

The Face Wash‘s active ingredients are Green Tea, Willow Bark, Spinach Extract, L-Arginine, Vitamin E and 12 Essential Oils. This is highly concentrated and developed to refresh and deeply-cleanse without over-drying the skin. Impurities, excess oil, and skin debris are removed leaving the essential moisture in the skin. This is anti-oxidant, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory. 
($12 for 4.22 oz)

Mike has oily skin that he is inconsistent about washing and moisturizing. I recently got him on a strict schedule of exfoliating in the morning, washing at night, and moisturizing morning and night. You have no idea the teeth pulling I had to go through to convince him to adopt this routine, despite the fact he’s always complaining that his face is shiny. Anyway, he loved The Face Wash. It worked great at taking away the oil without stripping the skin. He followed this up with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, and found that oil stayed away from his face the whole day! It lathered a little bit too. 

From my perspective, I’m so glad he was able to enjoy products that are a departure from the usual, gross things he likes. Head & Shoulders has so many nasty ingredients that I cringe every time I see him buy it. I make an effort to use mostly natural body care on myself, and I’m SO GLAD that he has finally found a line that is natural and affordable for himself. The Natural Defense products do not contain: parabens, sulphates (SLS SLES), synthetic dye, petrochemicals, ingredients from animal sources and are not tested on animals. 

The Face Wash, Caffeine Shampoo, and Shower Gel are all vegan too! It really doesn’t get much better than this in my opinion. Also, they sell a bundle pack called the Originals Set which includes the three products I told you about here, plus the Moisturiser, and Aluminum-Free deodorant, and it’s $55. I checked those products out as well, and I’m excited for Mike to try them in the future. The Moisturiser even has UV absorbers in it, which is something I also can’t usually get him to apply. 

Lastly, I love that you can buy these things in bulk. He generally goes through shampoo, shower gel, and deodorant like water, so I like that this company is realistic about how many products you need of one thing in comparison to another. If you’ve got a lot of dudes in your family, these bundles might be something to look at.
To close, Mike felt these products worked really well, all had a similar herbal and slightly spicy scent, and were mild. I can’t wait until he tries out other pieces of the line! 

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