What makes a good stocking stuffer? I read online this year, you’re supposed to buy your kids one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing they’ll wear, one thing to read. Aside from rhyming I think this is a great rule of thumb for adults and kids alike. There are many things I would like to purchase throughout the year, but can’t justify for myself, and Christmas is the perfect time to fill in the spaces in your wardrobe, beauty closet, etc. that you don’t normally fill.

Normal people (I’m not normal) don’t buy perfume year round. They wait until a major holiday or birthday and ask for their signature scent. I don’t really have a signature scent these days, but I’m loving Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance-Vanilla Passion Fruit perfume. As with all of Lavanila’s fragrances, this is a healthy, clean fragrance free from petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, synthetic dyes, sulfates, and parabens. I don’t really want any of those things on my skin. This specific scent combines passion fruit, guava, peach nectar, sandalwood, and Madagascar vanilla…all ingredients that just happen to be some of my favorite scents are combined in one fragrance. You can’t beat it! If you love this scent, it’s available in a full size, rollerball size, and deodorant too! 

Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men is a great option for a men’s cologne. I can’t believe Amazon has the 3.4 oz size on sale for just under $19, when it’s normally $58! Follow the link to their site, and see what I mean! This is the perfect solution for a men’s fragrance. It’s light and airy, but lasts all day. It reminds me of some of the classic fragrances for men that have been around for a long time- Cool Water, CK Eternity, Acqua di Gio, etc.

Hair products are another item that people don’t replenish often. Unite 7 Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler is one of the best leave in conditioners I have tried. A full bottle of this product lasts me about a year, which is the perfect length of time between replenishments if you ask me! I have long hair and when I was pregnant my scalp was extremely sensitive to tangles. Brushing my long hair became extremely painful. I’ve been obsessed with the 7 Seconds line ever since! Put this in the stocking of anyone you know who has lots of hair, and they are sure to be happy on Christmas!

Sensai is a brand new to me recently. I’ve tried a couple products of their line, including Sensai Premier The Cream. Most notably, what sticks out to me about this line is the price. Wowza, it is not a cheap line! If you want to really show someone you love them and you have deep pockets this season, splurge on something from their line! I would have to do some extensive testing to determine whether The Cream is worth hundreds of dollars, but I guess perspective is everything. If you have the money for it and skincare is incredibly important to you, then this line is something to investigate! One product from their line I am currently enjoying is the Sensai Intensive Hair Mask. It is so thick, creamy, and really repairs my hair!

If you are making the race to get your Christmas shopping done, good luck! The links in this post are affiliate links from Amazon, but the lowest prices available anywhere online. 
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