I just played the How do you Shop Style? game on Pop Sugar and was struck by how off I felt my answer was. My Shop Style Personality is “Dose of Indulgence.”

I’m the real-life Carrie Bradshaw – I like my money where I can see it: in my closet. Whether I’m celebrating big news with a fancy party dress or passing the workday with a little online indulgence, I can always find a reason for a spending splurge. Life’s a reason. My wardrobe is an investment in myself – and I’m worth it!

When it comes to makeup, it’s no secret that I always “need” the newest eyeshadow palette. But my wardrobe is an entirely different story. I cleaned my house and garage today (and unfortunately have a looooong way to go before I’m done…sigh) and was struck by how much “stuff” I have that I don’t need in my makeup stash, and how much stuff I don’t have in my closet.

I haven’t held a job outside the home in almost two years now, so I haven’t really had an excuse to purchase cute clothing! People used to envy my wardrobe, but these days, there is really nothing to be jealous about! I’m lucky if I get dressed by lunchtime most days. When I am spending money on clothing, it’s normally a pair of jeans, or a black shirt of some sort. I will pay decent money for a nice pair of black shoes, scarves, or jewelry too, but I save most of my money for makeup, which can be worn with every outfit!

Anyway, I was surprised that I answered that I would indulge in less than half of the questions, and they still pegged me as Carrie Bradshaw! With the new year, it’s my goal to spend less on makeup, and give my wardrobe a little boost instead. Because how many black sweaters and purple eyeshadow palettes does a person need?

Take the test and let me know how you score! I’m curious if I’m the only Carrie Bradshaw here.

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