Last month, I started a monthly series called “Beauty Graveyard” on my blog. I’m basically trying to get myself to finish things in my stash and toss them and I’m letting you all know if I think they’re worth repurchasing. Some things I am done with I always repurchase, and other products I use up and think “meh.” I’m also trying to determine how many ounces or even pounds of beauty products I finish off in a year! Read October’s post here!
I’ve been using the mild formula of this cleanser for ages. I love using it with my Clarisonic. Not much to say here…it’s a really basic cleanser that doesn’t strip my dry skin and for that I love it. 

Is this a repurchase? Yes. I’ve already bought it again.

 Simple Refreshing Facial Gel Wash, 5 fl. oz.
This has been sitting in my shower waiting to be used up for at least a year. I used it while I was pregnant and didn’t have any skin problems, and then I started breaking out and had to move on to something a little less “simple” to tackle my acne. I can’t bear to throw things away that aren’t used up, so even when I moved I took this with me. I used the remainder of the tube to clean my makeup brushes.

Is this a repurchase? Not right now, but if I was low on funds and needed new cleanser, this would be fine. I like my Clinique Facial Soap Mild a little better.

Zensation Gentle Rose Eye Makeup Remover, 1 fl. oz. 
This is a gentle eye makeup remover with cornflower water, that I don’t like. It’s in an expensive frosted glass bottle and doesn’t remove my eye makeup. It takes about 10 pumps to get enough to scrape my eye makeup off with and I got about a week’s use out of it. It did not work well for me at all. If you use hardly any eyeshadow or mascara, and want something extremely gentle to remove it with, this would be your jam.

Is this a repurchase? No. I can find better ways to spend $25!

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation, 0.32 oz. 
This one really makes me cry. I reviewed this a couple weeks ago here. My daughter knocked this off the bathroom counter and it shattered in a million pieces. I salvaged it and put it back in the compact, but truth be told, I probably won’t use the broken pieces because every time I open the compact, it makes a huge mess. I’m still weeping over the loss of this because I really loved it, but such is life. I’m counting this as “finished” because in one way or another, even if I didn’t actually consume it, it’s done for.

Is this a repurchase? I have a couple compacts I need to use up before I consider repurchasing anything, but I do think this is a quality product and I would purchase this down the line. 

The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue, 3.4 fl. oz.
This is such an excellent foot cream! I have been really bad about taking care of my dry, cracked feet this season. I need to get back on track with exfoliating my feet and putting foot cream on them at night. I just love the minty fresh scent of this, and it makes a big difference in moisturizing my nasty feet. I usually buy this in bulk when The Body Shop has sales.

Is this a repurchase? I’m on my third tub of this since I discovered it this past summer. I’ve already got two backups of this in my stash. 

Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Cream, 1.7 fl. oz.
I have been using this on and off since August, and I have to say I’m so bummed out that I’ve finally used it up! I noticed a pretty dramatic difference in how soft and plumped out my skin was when I used this. You can check out my full review here. I’ve been having major issues with dry skin lately, so it may be time to get another tub of this. Makeup goes on so much more nicely on my dry, patchy skin when I am using this moisturizer. I’m hoping I see it pop up in a gift set so I can test out a few of their other products at the same time as replenishing my stock of this!

Is this a repurchase? The $62 price tag hurts, but if I see this is in a gift set, I’m going to replenish because I LOVE it.

So how many ounces did I use up this month? 18.12 oz. In October, I used up 34.9167 oz. So far that puts me at 53.0367 oz of beauty products I have used up completely in two months! I can’t believe I’ve used up over 3 pounds of beauty products in only 2 months!

Stay tuned for next month’s edition. I’m going to try and continue this for at least 6 months, maybe longer! Did you use up anything this month?

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