I consider myself somewhat of an eye liner expert. I hoard eyeliners like they’re going out of style. My all time favorite and most used to date is Lancome’s Art Liner in Noir but I am always looking for something else to trip my trigger! I am always particularly thrilled when I find a drugstore product that functions well. Enter: Maybelline EyeStudio Master Smoky Mechanical Eyeshadow Pencil in Smoking Charcoal. 
A couple things I really like about this eyeliner:
  • It’s not black…although I normally wear black liner on a daily basis, I’ve recently heard that wearing brown or charcoal can be more flattering and less harsh. This is a great every day shade.
  • It’s twist up. Have you ever gone to put your eyeliner on and jabbed yourself because the liner is down to the quick, and you can’t find your sharpener? No need to worry about a sharpener with this, simply twist up!
  • It has a smudger built into the end. Very easy to “smoke out” your eyeliner by smudging it with the end after application. It’s very easy and softening the line makes it even more flattering.
What I don’t like about this eyeliner:
  • Personal preference, but I wish it were a little deeper and more pigmented.
  • It lasts about 5-6 hours on me. If you’re close to a mirror and want to carry it with you, this isn’t a deal breaker. However, I prefer my liner to last all day and then some!
  • The smudger didn’t really smudge like I had hoped, it kind of smeared the product around a little bit but mostly just caused me to tug at my eye area for no reason.

If you’re looking for a charcoal liner, and are pleased with 5-6 hours of wear time, this is a great value. Have you checked it out? What’s your favorite eyeliner?

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