Laura Mercier always hit it out of the park with her limited edition collections. Her Holiday Colour Story, White Magic Collection is no exception! I just love the collection, and two selections I got to try: Plumberry Créme Smooth Lip Colour and Brilliant Glacé in Pink Prism are two gorgeous lip colors that are part of the collection.
Plumberry Créme Smooth Lip Colour is a beautiful shade that can be best described as a reddish pink. That’s the best way I can describe it because I don’t think it really fits perfectly into either category. I love the finish on this lipstick. It’s a really rich shade, and has a semi-lustrous finish. It is also long wearing, as I got about 5-6 hours of wear out of it. It’s not a glossy shade, so I can even eat and drink when I wear this and it doesn’t dull the shade, or affect the wear that much. Even as it faded, it left a gorgeous stain on my lips. 
Brilliant Glacé in Pink Prism is such a special lip shade. It’s a sheer gloss with translucent color and prismatic shine. It’s non sticky and doesn’t feel gritty with all the shimmer in it. I love that it has a multi faceted color, almost like a holograph! It’s such a unique shade, and I think I really accurately depicted it below.
Pink Prism (top) and Plumberry (bottom)
Have you or will you tried anything from Laura Mercier’s White Magic Collection? I highly recommend checking out both of these shades. I think they will work beautifully for multiple skin tones and they are such high quality!

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