Fall is in full swing, and I feel like weather-wise, we are almost rounding the corning to winter! It has already snowed once where I live, so it’s only a matter of time. Some of these beautiful colors from Essie are helping me cling on to the feeling of fall. This collection is inspired by a boyfriend sweater- cozy, soft, and warm. There are some real gems in this collection!

twin sweater set: vibrant, crimson red
afterschool boy blazer: deep, midnight blue
vested interest: Cool, grey teal
cashmere bathrobe: True flannel grey
for the twill of it: compelling with maple with reflective olive shimmer
the lace is on: jewel-toned pearlescent fuchsia

Although all the shades are absolutely lovely, my favorite is “for the twill of it.” I love the reflective shimmer and it’s such a unique shade. I’m drawn to glimmer, shimmer, sparkle, and shine like a moth to flame!

Have you snatched any of these up? I already can’t wait to scoop up the winter collection!
*some provided for consideration, some purchased

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