Every year, in support of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, several companies raise awareness by providing cosmetics for the cause. Lots of companies launch limited edition collections where a small amount of money makes it to the cause. I’m usually not that excited about launches like that, because I prefer to donate my money directly to the cause, and the color selection is usually not all that exciting. These collections generally have colors that are “one size fits all”- boring pinks, neutrals, etc. 
This year, Shiseido is partnering with Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) to support their philanthropic arm, Cancer and Careers, for the seventh consecutive year. By donating $5 for every Lacquer Rouge in Diva (VI418) sold throughout the month of October, Shiseido will give back to the non-profit organization dedicated to supporting working women living with cancer. Available now, the new bright pink shade of rich liquid lip color with lacquer-like shine can be purchased at http://www.shiseido.com for $25.

Anything but boring, I find the Lacquer Rouge in Diva to be a bright and gorgeous kick of pink. I apply this with the doe foot applicator that is housed in the sleek, black tube. It applies wet and glossy, and dries down rather quickly. My lips retain the color for 3-4 hours before fading, and even when it fades it seems to reduce to a stain rather than leaving my lips completely. The entire time I wear this it maintains a glossy finish. I am very impressed with the intensity and vibrancy of this pink. It’s not your average pink because it’s so bright and flashy, beautiful, and long lasting.

I know that only $5 of the $25 from this purchase will go to the cause, but I would still be comfortable with this purchase. Rather than being ambiguous about how much is going to fund cancer research (so many companies only say that “proceeds” go to the cause which doesn’t tell us much) they are very straightforward. Also, I admire that Shiseido wants to help working women with cancer. The realities of facing health problems in this economy is that many people MUST work, regardless of what befalls them. 

Not only is Lacquer Rouge in Diva a gorgeous shade, but it’s a purchase you can feel great about. If you have a Shiseido counter near you, take a peek at what they have to offer. I think you’ll love this shade!
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