A new store just opened up in our mall: Böhme. Heard of it? Neither had I. I’m 27 and I have the stores I like to shop at that I’ve shopped at for YEARS in a mental list. I don’t usually branch out to new places. I like knowing my size at a certain place and picking something out off the rack and having it just work. I’m also sick of the teeny-bopper stores that seem to be opening up left and right that are just not my style, size, or age group.
I decided to venture into this new store anyway just to check it out, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with what I found! I think of this store as a cross between Express and The Buckle at Maurices prices. They have a good selection of on trend clothing and a mix of solids, patterns, funky stuff, and clean lines. I like sophisticated outfits that are easy to wear and I was drawn to the dress below.

Zipper Pocket Dress found here

I snapped this up in black and in burgundy. It’s available in several other colors too, so I’ll be back for more. And for $38.50 you can’t go wrong! 

What I love about this dress:

  • The price. So cheap!
  • It’s 100% polyester and feels really high quality.
  • At 5’11” most dresses like this only work as a shirt for me. This actually can be worn as a dress because it’s long enough!
  • The defined waist line hits at a really flattering place for me.
  • I’ve worn this with leggings and boots, and with leggings and flats. It works with earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All the available shades are solid so having fun with accessories is possible.
  • The zipper is functional and makes the dress nursing friendly.
  • The sleeves and shoulders all have plenty of room, so there’s no tightness.
  • It would look cute with a belt but doesn’t require one.
I love everything about this dress! I can’t wait to pick up a few more colors. Don’t you just love when you find a new favorite store? Just hit up bohme.com if you want to check out some of their other cute clothes. Everything seems pretty reasonably priced except for the shoes. I didn’t see shoes in their store, but online they sell in the hundreds. 

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