I recently had the pleasure of trying out HADA LABO skincare, Japan’s top-selling skin care brand. It is launching at ULTA this month, and contains a combination of 3 types of hyaluronic acid known as Super Hyaluronic Acid. I love ULTA, and I love hyaluronic acid for its super moisturizing properties, so of course I wanted to try these products!
Super Hyaluronic Acid is said to be a powerful hydrator and line plumper that retains twice the moisture capacity of regular hyaluronic acid, replenishing skin’s essential moisture to visibly improve texture and prevent dryness so skin stays hydrated and smooth all day long.
3.5 OZ. $11.99

This gentle foaming cleanser purifies skin while protecting and locking in essential moisture. Skin is left feeling refreshed, silky-smooth and healthy looking. 

I tried this with my Clarisonic and I thought it worked very nicely. It’s fragrance free, and definitely got the job done. I didn’t feel any extra moisture being locked in,  but it did take off my makeup and cleanse my skin well without making it feel stripped of moisture.

1.7 FL. OZ $17.99

Super Hyaluronic Acid works in synergy with a Retinol Complex and Collagen to repair and fight signs of aging. The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula helps increase skin’s firmness and elasticity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This was a very intriguing product to me, since it can be applied over or under makeup. I tried it both ways and it works very well. It is an extremely lightweight and thin formula, and absorbs almost instantly. It comes in a pump top bottle, and when it arrived to me, it was sort of leaking into the cap without even having been opened yet. It’s not a packaging malfunction, I just think the liquid is so thin that it comes out really easily.

I enjoyed using this on my face but mostly on my neck. Hyaluronic acid products are normally pretty expensive, and I like to conserve the good ingredients for my face so often my neck gets neglected. I like the small pricetag so I’m able to use this everywhere without using it sparingly. When I tried using it over makeup, it absorbed immediately and didn’t disrupt what I already had going on on my face. It worked really well, but I do prefer my daily hydrators to be in spray form rather than liquid.

1.7 OZ. $17.99

Milky, oil-free day moisturizer with SPF 18 offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to prevent premature signs of aging and age spots caused by sun exposure. Skin is left evenly hydrated, protected, smooth and soft.

I appreciated the SPF coverage with this, but wish it was a little higher than SPF 18. It wasn’t a bad option for a daily moisturizer, but I have other options that suit my skin’s needs a little better. It was hydrating, but for a hyaluronic acid based product, I would have loved a little more moisture. My skin gets pretty parched with the weather change, so I need something pretty powerful.

I think this skin care line would be perfect for someone who is looking to start with a middle of the road skin care regimen. It’s a little more complex than some teenagers would be looking for, but not quite an anti-aging regimen. Someone in their early 20s would probably find this line perfect to suit their needs!

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