Have you heard about Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret yet? It is the most buzzed about hair tool lately. It’s quite the contraption and very fun to use. The directions sound complicated, but really they are quite simple. The curl chamber is supposed to face your head, and clean, dry, tangle-free hair is fed through the chamber in 1/2-1″ sections at a time. You can choose how long you want your hair to stay in the chamber before it’s released. The easiest way to show you is by checking out the short 12 second video clip below:
I have mixed feelings about using this.

On the plus side, every curl ends up being exactly the same and a perfect spiral. The curling wand will heat up to 400 degrees, and it’s designed to be very easy to use. I love that it curls the entire piece of hair, including the ends. I love the way it looks and it provided a very uniformed, neat, all around curl that reminds me of people with naturally very curly hair. The curl lasted the next day as well. Provided you don’t feed too large a piece of hair into the opening, you shouldn’t have any problems. The machine will beep and not accept the hair if it’s too big of a chunk. Depending on how you look at it, it’s not a bad deal for a specialty curling device- my straightening iron is a $200 iron, and this will run you $100-120 depending on where you purchase it.

On the down side, some people like to do varying sizes of curls, and that’s not possible with this machine. By changing the number of seconds on the iron and how high up you enter the hair into the machine, you may get slightly different curls, but for the most part they will be pretty tight curls. The Pro Curl did leave my hair a bit frizzy, but it was easily fixed with some smoothing serum. Only on one occasion did I have a frightening experience with my hair getting caught and wound into the machine, but a gentle tug released it. The reason it was caught was because it was tangled, and a quick brush through solved the problem instantly. Almost every review I’ve read, someone had this happen to them at least once, but it never ended in tragedy!

I have very long, super thick, coarse hair and curling my entire head took me around 35 minutes. Curling my hair with a clipless curler or regular curling iron normally takes around 20 minutes, so time seemed to inch by when I was using this. The reason it took so long is because due to the precise nature of the curls you get from this, you have to painstakingly curl each 1″ section. Also, the hair being held in the chamber is on a timer for each piece. I found it easiest to use a big clip to section off parts of my hair at a time.

I really liked trying out the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. I loved the long lasting curls and thought it was a really pretty look. On days when I want to leave the ends loose I go for the ISO Beauty Clipless Curling iron, but on days when I want allover tighter curls, I could see reaching for this. 
If you are hoping to purchase one in the future, I saw these cheapest online for $99 at Ulta and Bed Bath & Beyond. I regularly get coupons for BBB in the mail for 20% and it could be a steal if you could combine the already lower price with a great coupon. 
Do you own the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret? If so, what do you think? 

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