I just came back home after traveling for several weeks where everyone around me was sick! I had an amazing trip to see family, but while I was home, almost everyone I knew got sick at some point! It started with my mom, my brother and I. We had some bad pre-made from the deli broccoli salad- the kind that sits in mayo for hours until somebody buys it. We were all sick for about 24 hours initially, then felt pretty fragile for the next 3-4 days, not wanting anything more exciting than toast and crackers. Then, everyone at my in-laws’ was sick. Stomach flu was going around left and right and everyone was laid up in bed and fighting for the bathroom for at least a week.

‘Tis the season for GERMS. I hate being sick, and being sick is made even worse when you have a child. There’s nobody around to pick up the slack when I’m sick so I have to feel icky, and take care of a free roaming toddler who is learning to talk, walk, and get all up in everyone’s business. Being sick last week SUCKED. 

I’m not one to take medications pills because I personally feel that by the time I take anti-headache medication or nausea pills the feeling will have already passed. Call me crazy, but it’s just not my thing. If you see me popping a Tylenol, you know I’m really feeling like garbage. What’s really not my thing most of the time is anti-bacterial hand gel. Don’t you know that if we kill off all the germs, they’ll evolve?

Anyway, I hate being sick and now that I have a kid I extra-hate it. This season, I plan to throw out all the old rules and use some hand-sanitizer. Grubby little baby hands, sick people in public who don’t cover their mouth when they cough, and stomach flu all give me the willies and I plan to do anything I can to keep from getting infected with any type of plague. 

When choosing hand sanitizer, my first stop is Bath & Body Works. They have so many selections, and for $1.75 a piece you really can’t go wrong. They sell a matching sanitizer for pretty much every scent they carry in soap, so it’s easy to find a favorite. I love that they also have a men’s line for sanitizer, and I noticed online they also have a Halloween line! 

While I choose the mini PocketBac mentioned above in my purse, I like to keep a Burt’s Bees Hand Sanitizer in my car. It’s a little bigger than the mini PocketBac but only $5 and has around 300 sprays. Made from witch hazel and aloe, it smells a bit on the herbal side and is 100% natural.

Between Bath & Body Works and Burt’s Bees, my sanitizing needs are definitely covered this season! How do YOU keep the germs at bay?

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