As someone with dark hair, I know it looks best to keep myself well groomed. Yep, I’m talking facial hair. From eyebrows to lip and everywhere in between, dark hair can cast a shadow on your face. Removing unwanted hair on my upper lip also makes a huge difference in the way my makeup applies. It’s not like I have a major mustache, but I like my makeup to go on smooth and nobody likes a five ‘o clock shadow!

A few weeks ago while in the checkout line at Sephora, I noticed a product called ‘fuzz’ off by bliss. I’ve never run across a product I didn’t like by that brand, so I thought I’d give it a shot. The product promised to be the only 1-step, 3 minute, fresh-scented facial hair removal cream. Here are some of the features:

  • mess free application and cleanup with the unique two-sided, dual-textured tip
  • moisture and revitalize with a botanical complex of lemon, rosemary and pine
  • soothe and protect with vitamin E and willowherb
When I apply this, I like to apply it carefully around my lip area being very careful not to get any into my nose or in my mouth. I think the scent is light and pleasant and a mixture of botanicals and chemicals but nothing too strong. Rather than leaving this on for 3 minutes, I think I left it on for around 5 minutes. I probably could have gone for 3 minutes but I didn’t want to leave residual hair and knew I probably couldn’t do this two times in a row to the same area so I extended my time a bit. I would err on the side of caution with time because you could give yourself a chemical burn easily if you’re not careful. If you are careful and pay attention to your skin, and wash it off if it starts to burn, you’ll be fine.
You’re supposed to use the applicator to go back over the hair and loosen it off and kind of scrub it away since it’s dissolved at the root. I did that the first couple times, and now I just use a wet paper towel or hand towel to loosen the hair. If you use a hand towel, make sure to put it directly into the laundry, so you don’t accidentally use it to wipe your eyes. 
This hair removal cream is $24 which is about when you’re thinking, “wait!! You said it was cheap!”…but bear with me a moment. In the past, I’ve gotten lip waxes which cost around $15 each time and last about 2 weeks. I’ve also purchased wax kits for the sole purpose of waxing my lip. Wax is a mess and it’s painful to do a home lip wax, no two ways about it. For less than the cost of two lip waxes, I have a tube of product that I can use probably 20 times to remove the hair. I find that to be an amazing value. I’ve used it three times on myself and once on a friend and barely a dent has been made in the tube. The only bummer I can think of is it shouldn’t be used on the eyebrows because it’s too close to the eye area and not precise enough.
Rarely do I find a product that on the first try I already know I’ll be using this as long as it is made. I love this so much and I know you will too! I purchased this product with my own money and I can’t recommend it enough. 
*I’m not a medical doctor, and this is just my personal experience and opinion of the product.

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