After being on a makeup binge for most of the summer, I can’t think of a single makeup item I NEED to add to my collection. Along came these handcrafted brushes from Make Up For Ever, and I knew what I had been missing. Rather than buying new makeup, I’m starting to focus on improving my application techniques with the makeup I already have. 
#112- Precision Foundation Brush Medium: This large dome shaped brush can be used for application of foundation in cream or liquid form, and loose and compact powders. I’ve been loving it to apply both. I never thought I’d find an application method I liked as much as the Beauty Blender, but this is definitely right up there!
#230- Large Shader Brush: This is meant for easy and generous application of eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Cream, loose and compact powders are easily used with this brush. I’ve found this especially helpful for blending in concealer underneath my eye area as well. 
#210- Round Shader Brush Small: This is a small, short, and extra dense rounded brush used for cream, loose and compact powders. I’ve found this really wonderful for pressing a dark color into my crease before blending out. It is very precise to apply with because of the dense bristles.
#142- Flat Highlighter Brush: A flat and round round brush with a slightly tapered tip. This is ideal for use with gel, loose, or compact powders. I have found this to be the absolute perfect choice for highlighter brush. My powder highlighter by Becca applies like a dream with this brush!
#304- Lip Brush with Cap: It’s rare that I would ever use a lip brush, as I am all about easy, and prefer to apply straight from the tube or applicator. The exception would be when I am wearing a really dark or really bright shade. Rather than using a lip liner, I like to use a lip brush to stay within the lines and create a precise line. This brush can be used for lipstick or lipgloss, and also concealer!
This range of brushes contains 76 brushes, with 100% new synthetic fibers, and with creative shapes- one brush looks like an actual paintbrush. Totally cool!
Rather than running out to get the latest and greatest in the makeup world, I suggest improving your makeup application and running out to grab some of these brushes. My favorite right now is the #142 flat highlighter brush. Oh what a difference the right tool makes!

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