I would be embarrassed to count my foundations. In reality I probably have about 30 or more, no joke. I have one for every skin ailment, every type of coverage, every season, and every fluctuation in skin tone. Of course at any given moment, only a handful of my foundations match me. That’s why I was so curious when Sephora started their Sephora + Pantone Color IQ. It’s basically a service you can get free, in store, to match you to your perfect shade of foundation among the selections at Sephora. 
I thought it would take a long time, but it only took about 2 minutes. I went in wearing no makeup, and the Sephora employee matched my skintone with a machine. She was careful not to hit any moles, redness, or hyper-pigmentation. She went over a few places on my face before the machine made up its mind what my matches would be. I could have something printed for me in store, or I could have the match emailed to me on the spot so I’d always have it. I opted to have it emailed.
My foundation match was 4YO4, which I definitely agree was a good shade match for me. 

So what did I think of this experience? I definitely like that this system by Pantone Color IQ takes the guess work out of choosing the perfect foundation color. Many people, myself included, have had difficulty finding the perfect shade for them in the dimly lit mall or drugstore. It’s a nice way to go about finding the perfect shade, but I do have some beef with this system. 

I’ve been a Sephora customer since 2006, so around 8 years. They’ve had my email address and my buying habits and information for the entire length of time that I’ve been a customer. I find it fishy that although I’ve been buying foundation there for the better part of a decade, I haven’t tried a single one of these matches before. I’ve tried and bought probably 20 foundations from Sephora over the years, but not a single one of them made the list. In fact, this year and every year since 2006, I’ve achieved VIB status.
I’m certain that these shades will work just fine, I’m also sure that Sephora knows what I’ve purchased over the years, and they know if they put one of my perfect match foundations that I already own in the lineup, I’m less likely to buy a new shade. My other problem with this system is that they didn’t ask me my skin type. There’s no way they would have known whether I use SPF in my skincare and don’t need an SPF foundation, or vice versa. There’s no way they would know whether I wanted sheer or full coverage. There’s no way they would know I have combination/dry skin that tends to be acne prone.
I recommend checking out this fun little system to find your best color match. It’s a free service, so why not?! I also think you should take inventory of what you have at home before you buy, since it might be just as good. 
How do you find your perfect foundation match?
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