In case you’re a new reader, I was pretty much obsessed this past summer with creating a bucket list of activities and goals I wanted to accomplish. I’ve seen other bloggers do it, and never got around to making one for myself. It was honestly one of the best ideas I’ve ever had, and I think I’ll make one every season now.
It was super fun to get goals written down because they seem more concrete that way and I felt much more accountable to my goals after putting them on the internet. If you’re curious what I wrote for my Summer 2013 bucket list, click here.
To begin on a happy note, I was REALLY excited to have run my first 5K today in about 4 years. I used to run on a daily basis, and haven’t run more than a mile or so at a time in years. GO ME! I really don’t think I would have done this had I not written it down and made it a priority this summer. My fitness goals have always taken the backseat, but this year I wanted to put my health first. 
Here are just a few of my accomplished goals:


Went to a Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge Amphitheater.
Dyed my hair a more manageable/low maintenance shade (holla ombre!) 
Delve into learning CSS/HTML stuff (note the new website layout designed by moi)
Made amends with a couple old friends and kept in touch with a couple more.
Sorted out summer/winter clothes and clothes that don’t fit anymore.
Ate a ton of clean eating meals that were super tasty and healthy.
Ran a ton! (and finished Couch to 5K)
A few things I really wanted to accomplish and wasn’t able to:

Read a book. Seriously depressing, considering I am a total bookworm.

I didn’t completely clean out and organize my garage…but I got a good start on it.

I definitely didn’t do laundry every single day. HA! I will probably never be able to stay on top of laundry. Such is life. 

I didn’t play saxophone at all. Another major bummer, but between braces and baby, I just haven’t gotten around to it recently.

I still SUCK at time management.

I’m so glad I made this list! I’m working on my Fall 2013 one right now. I hope to check a bunch more things off the list. It was so fun to make and even more fun to achieve! Will you create a Fall 2013 Bucket list with me?

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