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Zensation Mask

I used to review skincare rather regularly but I’ve found that so much of skincare is either “just ok” or a dime a dozen that I’ve slowed way down in my reviews. Recently, I was given the opportunity to test out Zensation’s Healing & Soothing Mask. I’m not sure what suckered me in more…the adorable packaging (check out the super cute flowers on the jar above!) or the fact that when I answered my email about this I was half asleep. Regardless, I’m so glad to have tried this mask!
This mask is most suitable for combination to oily skin types. I would categorize my skin as being combination- I have a lot of issues with patchy dryness in my skin while other parts seem to have a balance in moisture. Depending upon the day and the season my skin is perfectly balanced and hydrated or a freakin’ mess. Here’s what this mask claims to do for skin like mine:

Zensation Healing and Soothing Mask clarifies and cleanses your skin while removing excess oil. Tea tree oil balances oil production while neem and argula extracts slow the growth of bacteria to prevent breakouts. Bidens pilosa herb exract and myrrh resin calm inflammation and reduce excess sebum to promote a radiantly clear complexion.

Apply a generous layer on treated area of face and neck. Let set for 20 minutes. Gently remove with a soft tissue, tone, pat dry and follow with day or night care.

Following the directions, I applied this mask on my skin and waited for around 20 minutes. Instantly, my skin felt like it was sucking the moisture and hydration from the mask to nourish and regenerate itself. The last time my skin felt this good, it was the time I tried Tammy Fender’s Spontaneous Recovery Créme. In fact, the consistency of this mask compared to that creme are really similar- both are thicker and have a holistic/herbal scent and feeling. After taking a look at the ingredient list of both, I noticed that lavender oil is in both things- so perhaps that’s where I’m drawing my similarities from!

After around 20 minutes, I tissued off what was remaining of the mask with a tissue soaked in Sephora’s Cleansing Water. My skin looked so radiant, bright and moisturized!

I’ve now applied this at night and in the morning as a precursor to my makeup routine. I find that it gives me the extra dose of moisture I need at night, and when used in the morning, it leaves my skin dewy and fresh and ready for a flawless-looking makeup application.

I’m a huge fan of this product and I hope to review more Zensation. If the rest of their line is anything like this mask, I’ll be in good hands.

Just an FYI- I noticed that Zensation is sold at I love ordering from them, as they have free shipping, and you can get 10% off of anything you add to your “favorites list” on their website. I’ve noticed each time I’ve placed an order there, regardless of size, I always get a free gift (usually a lip balm) and sometimes, a free magazine subscription offer! I highly recommend ordering through them if you want to try this mask out.

What’s your favorite mask to use?

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