I’ve always been impressed with Face Stockholm in the past, and their new lipsticks are no exception! If you’re not familiar with the brand, go to their website and check out the sheer volume of cosmetics they carry. It’s kind of amazing how many shades of lipstick they have (140)! I am reviewing two lipsticks today- one is from their veil line and one is from their cream line.
Top- Friendship Veil
Bottom- VIP
The veil shades from Face Stockholm are described as a sheer wash of moisturizing color. Friendship Veil is a sheer watermelon shade. The first time I tried this shade I had some remnants of lip balm on my lips from earlier in the day. It didn’t go on very smoothly at all. I tried it out later on completely bare lips and it was a much different experience. It glides on soft and smooth, and is definitely a sheer, but buildable. I chose this color because I don’t have anything like it in my expansive collection, if that tells you anything! It’s a pretty unique shade.
The cream shades from Face Stockholm are described as a perfect, rich cream coverage. VIP is a shimmer, candy pink. I absolutely am in love with this shade. It is a bright pink, and looks like it might be shimmery, but really it’s almost a wet look that it gives off. I think the sheen it gives off is almost a bluish toned pink if that makes any sense. It’s so bright and intense and gorgeous. I wore this right before I went on a run, to test out if it would bleed or not, and it lasted perfectly. It also lasted perfectly through eating and drinking.
Face Stockholm has 9 shades for summer- Instinct, VIP, Summer, Unexpected, Citrus, Friendship Veil, Strawberry Veil, Success, and Silk. 
I’m sure you’ll see this lipsticks making an appearance again on the blog this fall in some sort of favorites. I’m really digging these shades, especially VIP! Have you ever tried Face Stockholm products? 

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