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I distinctly remember a time in college when I completely obsessed with color matching everything I was wearing. It was winter of 2005, and the GAP was selling lavender cords with a matching gray and purple vest. I remember buying the ensemble and pairing it with some purple clogs I had and wore all purple makeup. I had some purple Avon mascara, and some purple Clinique eyeshadow that I would wear and just do a giant purple explosion. I thought I was the hottest thing there was, but in reality it was a trainwreck.
I still love purple, but I try to limit my color matching to one or two pieces these days. Imagine my blast from the past when Maybelline AND butter LONDON both came out with lines of colored mascara this summer!  

So Very Berry, I See Blue, Teal Appeal, Vision in Violet, Wink of Pink, Green With Envy
Vision in Violet, Wink of Pink, Green With Envy

So Very Berry, I See Blue, Teal Appeal
So Very Berry, I See Blue, Teal Appeal, Vision in Violet, Wink of Pink, Green With Envy
Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara is definitely a classic formula, affordable, and readily available at every drugstore. If you’re going to experiment with a colored mascara, they are the first place I would look. 
If you’re in the market for something more high end, butter LONDON recently came out with their Bespoke Cosmetics collection. They sent me a mascara called Jaded Jack, which is a bright green!
The brushes on both the mascaras by Maybelline and the one by butter LONDON are pretty similar. The main difference appears to be the color- Maybelline’s green selection is not quite so neon.
Just for fun- here’s Green With Envy by Maybelline on the left, and Jaded Jack by butter LONDON on the right.
Top to bottom: 
Maybelline Vision in Violet
Maybelline So Very Berry
Benefit BADgal lash in Plum

I also swatched the two purples in the Maybelline collection next to my Benefit BADgal lash in Plum. I had a hard time getting much out of my Benefit mascara because it’s been well loved, but you get the jist of it! I love a good purple mascara!
I use colored mascaras very infrequently these days, but it’s awesome that there are so many good options out there right now! I’m so glad I have these and plan to put them to good use around Halloween time! Witch with green lashes anyone? 
Which shade is your favorite?

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