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5 minutes to refreshed makeup
Most of the time when I make the decision I am going to go out in the evening it’s a spur of the moment thing. While I wish I had the time to hop in the shower and redo my hair and makeup from scratch, that’s not always possible in a time crunch. Scratch that…I literally can’t remember the last time I was able to spend more than a couple minutes “refreshing” my look for the evening.

Are you familiar with refreshing your look? Put simply, it means re doing your makeup without all the effort. Let me walk you through….

5 minutes to getting refreshed

The first place I start looking tired is usually under my eyes. My daily summer foundation routine is usually just cc cream and a little powder with sheer to moderate coverage, but as I said I don’t like go start my makeup over from scratch. I don’t want to cake more makeup on either so I like to use a little something something to depuff, soothe, and add a little moisture to the under eye area. I have many products that do this, but my favorite recently has been mybody’s Calm After The Storm Soothing + De-puffing Eye Cream. The cool metal tip feels great under my eyes, and the formula minimizes my puffs, dark circles, and redness that crop up by the time my day is done.

Next I like to take a slightly thick concealer and apply it under my eyes and around my nose and mouth. My makeup tends to wear off first in those areas and that’s where I usually have the most redness. My favorite lately is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. I have the super sized one that comes in the QVC Your Most Beautiful You Kit, so thank goodness I like it- I’ll probably have it around forever! It’s waterproof, full coverage, anti-aging, moisturizing, and will combat dark circles. It’s absolutely perfect for refreshing my makeup!

In order to refresh my face a little bit without making my makeup look caked on, I don’t like to put too much all over. I normally set the concealer with a powder just on the center of my face, or my t-zone. I also take a light dusting of bronzer and use a little bit for contouring. A recent favorite is my MAKE Cosmetics Solstice Bronzer. Without being shimmery, it does a nice job giving a little glow to my skin and keeping everything natural looking.

During the day, I normally wear a cream shadow in a neutral shade. This is perfect for building makeup on top, because the base is already there. I’ve been loving Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette. Today in particular, I dusted some of David & Marg, Jer Jer, and Market on the lids. I also rimmed my waterline with Make Up For Ever’s 52L eyeliner. I like that the pop of blue makes me look a little more awake.

Rather than starting over with my mascara, I get out my trusty lash curler, Tweezerman ProCurl Lash Curler. I also like to wear a nice lip color to brighten things up a little bit. A recent favorite is Friendship Veil by Face Stockholm, that I reviewed the other day. I love that it keeps my lips soft and it has a little pop of color. It does come off mostly while I’m eating or drinking, but until that’s to be expected.

My last step is to set my makeup in place, which I do with my Nuface Optimizing Mist. I have a lot of makeup setting spray type things, but this one is unique in that it does so much and has multiple uses. The mist is specially formulated to tone and balance your skin’s pH levels to prepare it to receive and absorb serums and moisturizers. It can be used as a makeup setter, and can be used before using the Nuface system or other similar systems. Some of the main ingredients are arginine, green tea extract, and aloe vera leaf juice. I couldn’t for the life of me place what this scent reminded me of, and then I realized this spray smells exactly like those glitter gels in a pot that you’d buy for a couple dollars at Sally’s Beauty Supply in middle school- you know the ones! If you were a middle/high schooler in the 90’s. Anyway, I think it’s the aloe vera leaf juice.

I almost forgot! I also use my It’s a 10 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner to kind of fluff up my hair a little bit. I like to spray it on my roots and then on the rest of my hair to give it some body and fluff it with my fingers a little bit. I like that it makes my hair look a lot fresher than it would’ve otherwise!

I’ll be doing more in depth reviews of some of these products later, but just wanted to mention them for the sake of this post. I really love doing my makeup but not starting from scratch. It’s nice to be able to refresh and scoot out the door in 5 minutes. If you’re wondering where we went, we went to P.F. Chang’s. It was delicious! I got the crunchy honey shrimp meal.

What would you use to refresh your look if you had 5 minutes to get ready?

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